338 Snipe-Tac fills two tags

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    My buddie wanted me to post his hunt and pics. The hunt took place just outside of Jeffery City, WY. in the green moutain area. Doc and his cousin Rick each had a Elk and Antelope tag, tough draw for this high desert area.
    They met up with several local hunting buds from Lander Wy. The first week of the hunt was supose to try and fill the Goat tags, but ended up checking out the Elk spots. They returned a week later for the opening of the Elk season. Their friends has pulled a trailer out into the desert for the easy camping of the hunting group. Opening morning they all got on the Quads and got to their spots they had picked out in the previous week. They saw groups of Cows and small bulls but nothing to exciting. The second day of the hunt they decided on a different area out in the sage brush. Doc and his guide spotted a small group of cows, they parked the Quads and glassed the group looking for a Bull. Doc ranged the cows at 420yds on the ridge. His guide noticed some antler tips in the sunllight behind the sage ridge. They both glassed the area watching for what looked like the antlers, then a bull popped his head up, Yes hes said, there he is. He was hiding behind the group of cows just over a rise. They watched him for what seemed like hours, he would move up to the cows and then disapear. After about 20 mins, he walked over to the next rise, Quickly Doc ranged the bull, 472yds, his guide said are you going to take him? "I don't know, how big is he"? "Medium sized 6x6, replied...I would take him if it were me" Doc rested the 338 Snipe-Tac, Thunderstruck rifle over the rack on the Quad, sage brush was so high there was no way for a prone shot. Doc dialed 4moa into the nightforce scope, the Elk disapeared. They watched and he appeared again, Doc took no time, BOOOOOM! The guide watched the Bull Elk take two steps and drop. Wow! "iv'e never seen anything like that before, i could see the blood mist in the breeze" It took them a while to get to the animal as the Sage was so heavy and thick the Quads could hardly get through. The shot placement went through the heart, 5" exit hole. The sage had blood and pieces like from a paint spray gun. The 300grn Sierra MatchKing did a big number on this Bull, (3325fps). The guide said you can put your arm through the wound channel.
    Doc was hoping for a longrange shot but couldnt pass up this one.


    Both Doc and his cousin Rick filled their bull tags, Rick got a nice 5x5 the third day out, he used a 300 Yukon Express, 180 Accubond, 310yds.
    The weather turned bad and all packed up and headed to Lander, after several days in a Hotel they decided to go out and try to fill the Antelope tags while they were waiting for the meat to get processed.
    The wind was fierce, 30-40mph, 40deg temps. The goats seemed skidish, they did see several real nice bucks but couldnt get close to get a shot. That afternoon they went back out, Doc spotted a nice buck at what ranged as 1200yds, he got set up for the shot, cousin Rick watched through the binocs. Mike checked the range again on his Swaro, it said 1200. He did the come ups, the 338 Snipe-Tac barked, Rick said "dead center but way low" The buck didnt stay put and trotted off. Doc figured the Swaro ranged on some sage rise and the goat was more like 1400yds. They glassed the area and noticed another buck off in the distance so they jumped on the Quads and tried to get closer. Just over the next rise there was a nice buck so they stopped to glass it and check the range. The buck started coming in thier direction, stopped at 900yds, Doc got the rifle and was dialing in the scope when it started coming again. It stopped at 507yds, turned broadside and just looked at them, he put the scope on the buck, wind was from the right 30mph, added in for drift, BOOOOOOOOM, it did a summersault and dropped. They made their way out to the buck, just like the Elk shot the 300MK bullet went through with a vengence! His guide looked at him and said "maybe you should bring a smaller gun next time. wink" The horns were just a bit over 16", nice buck he said. They picked up the buck and was going to load it onto the Quad, Hey, the head is about to fall off...only a part of the hide was holding it on. Doc said "well we didnt have to chase it"
    Doc said later that night "well, i fired 3 shots and filled both tags" The others in the hunting party didn't do as well, one guy had to shoot his bull 6 times. Another guy shot at 5 different antelope and never drew blood, longest shot 250yds. Doc mentioned that a little practice might be in order.


    When i built this rifle for Doc he was concerned the 300MK bullet wouldnt be a good choice for large game. I assured him that many Elk have been taken with this bullet, he now agrees. The guide he was hunting with asked Doc if those hollow point match bullets would have enough killing power, Doc replied "they will go through 3/4" steel at 750 yds, i think they will drop an Elk"

    The gun he was using was a 338 Snipe-Tac, Aluminum Thunderstruck stock,
    Lawton/Viersco repeater action, ABS/Rock carbon fiber barrel 32", 40moa
    scope base, Nightforce 5.5-22x56 2DD redical, Jewell Trigger system.
    300grn Sierra MK, 138grns H-BMG50, 3325fps

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    cool. congradulations

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    ewwww, looks like he lost both shoulders on that speed-beef. To bad, I do like antelope meat.