338 recoil?

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  1. 7mmrowland

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Honestly how bad is the recoil on a 338 lapua shooting 300 sierras with a 15 lb gun going to be with or without a brake and who has the best brake? My rifle is in the works. I shot a 14 lb 300ulta without one and was ok shooting that, but that was a few years ago hav'nt shot anything big for awhile.
  2. TAP

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    Jan 24, 2008
    I have a .338 Edge that Kirby Allen built for me. I am shooting the same bullets, and with his Painkiller brake, I think there is less recoil than a .308. I doubt that there is much, if any difference in recoil between the two .338 calibers. Saying that, I haven't shot the Lapua. And I haven't shot mine without the brake.

  3. 300WSMMAD

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    May 19, 2008
    Hi 7mm, Now Im a relative newbie to 338s, until last weekend I had never fired a 338 Lapua (I do have a 375 H&H however).
    My new beastie that Ive built weighs in at 7.1 kgs or 15 ish lbs, and like I posted in my report the recoil was like a 308, but a voilent eruption 40" from your face, Ive put 22 rnds through mine so far, and it was only the concussion NOT recoil that made it unplesent to shoot EVENTUALLY.
    But i like it rough!!:D
    I dont think I would like to shoot the Lapua with out a break but my 375 is a unbreaked sporter and thats not too bad, but you know youve squeezed the trigger on it!
    Who has the best breaks? who makes the best cars? Pros and cons for all of them, my friend who is an fitter turner made his break on his 300WSM made from a piece of scrap steel he had in his shed and it reduced the recoil HEAPS!
    The more it costs dosnt mean it will reduce more recoil IMO.

    Regards 300WSMMAD
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    Mar 19, 2006
    Will just got a email from kirby my338ax is about done recoil is not much. started with 90gr of retumbo went up to 98.0gr for a velocity of 3002 with a 300gr smk kirby said i have a fast barrel.The barrel is a satern abs carbon fiber 30". The bullets are seated at 3.780" oal and lit with the fed 215 primer.So far 96.0gr produced the tightest velocity spreads with 11 fps spread. Average velocity was 2935 fps and this with no ejector ring at all. Its shooting 1/2 moa at 1,200 yards can you belive that oooooooooo man soooooooo cool. kirby if you read this would you post the pic?
  5. BHP9

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    Dec 4, 2007
    I have a PGWDTI Timberwolf that weighs about 17lbs or so. It has a brake on it, PGWDTI design, that I think bring the recoil down to that of an FN FAL, but 2 of my friends say it's less.

    I should do what the designer said to me, shoot it without the brake. Will I, maybe, NA - I'm not a masochist. Well maybe a bit.

    With the brake on, you can shoot as may rounds as you would with a .308. That is if you can afford it.