338 rcm

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Was wondering if you guys had any experience with or knowledge on the 338 RCM cartridge?

    Right now my only "big game" rifle is a 243. I want a bigger cartridge for long range shooting (hunting from 500-1000 yrds), but also something that's not gonna destroy a bunch of good meat. I would really like to have a short action as thats what my 243 is and I wanted to build 2 rifles that were almost identical so transitioning between the 2 wouldn't feel any different. Some of the cartridges I was considering were 300wsm, 338 federal then I stumbled onto the 338 rcm. Doesnt seem like the 338wsm is popular cartridge though. And Im not sure if the 338 federal would be a good long distance round.

    Now if none of the performance of those are good then I am guessing a 338 EDGE on a long action would be the next step...

    So right now I ma trying to find any info on the 338rcm, please let me know your guys opinions... Thanks.