.338 Premium Bullets plus others...

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    May 7, 2003
    Email me at mhogan@mtaonline.net if want to buy, need pic, or have question.
    All first quality, no pulls or 2nds.
    Postal moneyorder or Paypal (+3.25%) Price includes Priority Mail delivery w/delivery confirmation. Ins is extra... Use paypal and item ships next day. Allow 4-5 days for delivery.

    .338 bullets:
    2 100ct boxes Hornady 250gr Interlock Softpoints $65 for both or $35 for single box
    50pcs Speer Grand Slam 250gr $35 or 100 bullets for $65
    50pcs Nosler FailSafe 230gr $35 or 100 bullets for $65
    50pcs Barnes 250gr SOLID $45

    1 100ct box of Hornady 180gr .308 BTSP $26
    1 100ct box of Hornady 220gr .308 roundnose Interlock $30
    1 100ct box of Sierra 160gr 6.5mm semi roundnose $35
    1 100ct box of Lapua 155gr 6.5mm Mega $38
    200 ct Remington .224 55gr PSP $30 or $17.50 per hundred.

    Deduct $6 for each additional item you buy. 100pc premium bullet prices have discount factored in already, but take discount if buying 2 100pc deals...

    Also have lots of .38, .44, and .45 pistol bullets.
    Lots of virgin brass in .22-250, .308win, .300win, 6.5x55, .223, .30-30, .45acp and .454 Casull
    1x in .30-06, .270win, .338win, .308 LC, .243win,

    Very Good Deals on the brass if buying bullets...


    NOTE: This gear is posted for sale at several sites.
    Please BE SURE to email me to confirm what you want to buy remains available.

    .22-250 brass is sold-out
    .30-06 1x brass is sold out

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