338 Lapua Velocities?

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    May 19, 2008
    I have asked this question on my previous post, but I thought I would ask it again under its own title so hopefully it can get more replys to get accurate stats on actual rifles.

    On the ADI powders web page it has 94.0 grs AR2225, 24" Barrel, 300gr bullet give a velocity of 2654 fps.

    Using the theory of 50 fps more per inch of barrel, a 28" should be around 2854 fps, a 30" 2954 fps and a 32" 3054 fps? now I understand its a theory, and theres the point of negative effects of too longer barrel to consider, but it seems to me that some of the velocitys I read seem low?

    Is 2750 fps out of a 30" barrel an exceptable level of performance from this chambering? I thought it would have been more.

    I would appreciate some feed back from people who own a 338 Lapua or two :D to share some of their rifles barrel lenghts and velocities, just to see what these things really do.

    Thanks 300WSMMAD
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    Dec 4, 2007
    ADI AR2225 is = to Retumbo and equivalent to RL25. As per ADI web site.

    I posted this on Snipers Hide .

    I was at the range Monday and chrono'd some loads.

    All loads used the 250gr LockBase

    94.0gr/Retumbo = 2846.8fps

    88.5gr/Viht N165 = 2847.3fps

    94.0gr/RL25 = 2868.3fps

    3 weeks ago I chrono'd some Hornady 250gr BTHP factory = 2869.6fps

    FWIW the N165 powder gave the best MAD but it was a stiff load and the cases were hotter to the touch on extraction.

  3. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007
    With my recently built .338 Lapua shooting 300 SMK's. I settled in just under 2800 fps. and a very friendly load of H-1000. Looks like the brass will go over 3 loads for sure before trimming. (I have only loaded some 3 times at this time, my guess is it will go 5 times.) With this load we have shot it out to 2100 yrds with consistant hits on a 36" gong. It is bad azz acurate at 1000 and 1200. (Probably farther but this is the range I am practicing at.) If I wanted to go farther than 21 or 2200 yds I am sure the increase of powder would get me there. I just don't need to do it at this time, and I figure why beat stuff up.

    So to answer your question. 2750 or 2800 will get you out to 2100 yrds and my rifle will do that with ease.

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    Feb 4, 2005
    You are not going to get 50 FPS per extra inch of barrel past 24" IMHO and experience, at least not with normal pressure. I get about 2800 FPS with 92 grains of H-1000 with the 300 SMK and I have a 30" barrel
  5. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007

    I get in the 2750's with 91 gr of H-1000 in a 27 1/2" .

  6. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    You will see only 15-18 fps increase per inch of barrel with the Lapua.

    The old 50 fps per inch of barrel is really more of a wives tale, I have never seen a chambering that would give this amount of velocity increase, at least not with a barrel of at least 24" in length to start with.

    The velocities reported already are exactly what you can expect.
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    Jul 3, 2006
    I posted this on your other thread, but then I saw this one so IO decided to post it here:

    Originally Posted by Fiftydriver
    "...Again, in this class of chamberings, you will see 15 to 18 fps per inch of barrel length for velocity increase."

    Exactly, Longtimelongranger told me that year ago when I bought my lapua. I load my Lapua to get about 2700 and I have a 28" barrel.

    The problem with the improved is that the hassle of fireforming the cases is not worth the added velocity gain. The Lapua is a very accurate cartridge but it not a super fast one. Velocity only gets you so far. If you want more then go with one the 338 edge. it is a 300 RUM necked up to 338. (FYI: the 338 RUM uses a smaller case that is why the egde uses the 300 RUM case which has more capacity) I believe he is getting a good 2900 from a smk. I can't recall exactly. The only thing required is a set of dies from redding. It pretty easy to neck up 300 to 338. And, you don't have to fireform. The only downside is that you don't get to use lapua brass but I believe Nosler Custom Brass makes 300 rum brass.

    If you really want Hard hitting AND high velocity go with one of Kirby's Allen Magnums.

    TRGRMAN Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Are you shooting the Edge or the Lapua? Just curious if you are having any issues with blown primer pockets much over 2800.

    Found a few notes on the Lapua from barrel brake in and load development.

    Broz's rifle 27.5" barrel
    - 250 gr SMK - 98 gr H1000 - 3045fps
    - 300 gr SMK - 89 gr H1000 - 2681fps
    - 300 gr SMK - 90 gr H1000 - 2704fps
    - 300 gr SMK - 91 gr H1000 - 2751fps
    - 300 gr SMK - 92 gr H1000 - 2780fps
    Hogwild's rifle 27.5" barrel
    - 300 gr SMK (Hunting Shack ammo)No reloads on this one,no brass
    Very accurate but a little weak - Ave - 2670fps

    Will include some other 338's since the notes are here in front me.
    Gamedog's 338 Edge,27.5" barrel
    -250 gr SMK - 96 gr R25 - 3062fps
    -250 gr SMK - 97 gr R25 - 3109fps
    -250 gr SMK - 98 gr R25 - 3115fps
    -300 gr SMK - 94 gr H1000 - 2862 fps
    -300 gr SMK - 94.5 gr H1000 - 2873fps (ES - 8 fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 95 gr H1000 - 2893fps
    Magnus's 338 Edge,31.5" barrel
    -275 gr Hooker T-50 -96 gr H1000 - 3050fps
    -300 gr SMK - 88 gr H1000 - 2730fps
    -300 gr SMK - 89 gr H1000 - 2755fps
    -300 gr SMK - 90 gr H1000 - 2776fps
    -300 gr SMK - 91 gr H1000 - 2807fps
    -300 gr SMK - 92 gr H1000 - 2830fps (primer pockets fail after 1 or 2 fireings) May be poor quality brass, Nosler failed much sooner than Rem.
    338 RUM , 30" barrel
    -300 gr SMK - 99 gr US869 - 2847fps
    -300 gr SMK - 100 gr US869 - 2859fps (ES-8fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 101 gr US869 - 2856fps (ES-2fps) (primer pockets fail at 1 or 2 loadings)
    -300 gr SMK - 102 gr US869 - 2930fps OOOPS! (ES-28fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 101.5 gr US869 - 2899fps (ES-22fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 88 gr H1000 - 2807fps (ES-3fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 89 gr H1000 - 2837fps (ES-31fps)(Primer pockets failing again!)
    -300 gr SMK - 90 gr H1000 - 2847fps (ES-28fps)
    -300 gr SMK - 91 gr H1000 - 2872fps (ES-22fps)
  9. BHP9

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    Dec 4, 2007
    I forgot to add that the rifle has a 26" barrel and that the screens were 15 feet from tthe muzzle.