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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have a GAP 338 at my smiths shop right now, just traded for it haven't even laid a hand on it and I have decided I want something different. It's sitting at scout supply co, getting bedded into a manners t5. Rem 700 la done up by the guys a GA Precision 25.5" bartlein #7 deep fluted. I believe the round count was 560, but I can get you exact numbers if needed, 338 ba brake, Huber concepts trigger. Gun was originally in an AICS cip chassis with viper skins. Sold the chassis. I'll sell the barreled action with the stock for $2600, you can have Russell bed it and put in bottom metal or do as you wish with it. Thats a whole lot less than what I got in it, or I'll sell the barreled action for $2200 and I'll keep the T5 and do something else with it later. Trades are always possible especially if you happen to have a lapua or 300 rum /338 edge in the configuration I'm looking for.
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