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    Oct 8, 2012
    I see many people have problems with Hornady 338 Lapua brass sticking in their chamber. Others say they have no problems with Hornady at all. Unfortunately I am one of the ones with Hornady brass sticking in my 110BA. Here is a chance for someone who likes and can use the Hornady 338 Lapua brass to get some at a reasonable price.

    I have 40 pieces of Hornady 338 Lapua brass. These were originally 250 grain Hornady factory loads. 34 pieces are once fired. 6 pieces have been reloaded twice in an effort to see if a lighter handload would resolve my issues. Reloads were 6 rounds using 250gr Hornady bullets with 89gr of H1000. The same 6 pieces of brass were again reloaded later with 300SMK and 84gr go H1000. In each firing I still had the same problem as when I fired the factory loads. No signs of high pressure, yet very heavy bolt lift, and almost every case (both factory loads and reloads) had to be removed with a rod down the bore.

    I obtained some Lapua brass, I have now fired over 200 rounds of 300SMK with 92gr H1000 with the Lapua brass and never had a single heavy bolt lift or stuck case.

    So I have no use for this Hornady brass. For those of you that can shoot the Hornady, I am offering all 40 pices of brass (34 once fired, 6 fired 3 times) in the original Hornady boxes (20 rounds per box) for $45 shipped USPS. Since firing I have not resized,deprimed or trimmed this brass. This way you can size/trim it to your specifications.

    Anyone interested, drop me an email.

    Here's to Good Shooting, Paul