338 Imperial/Canadian Magnum loads

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    Mar 18, 2012
    I have a custom barreled Sako AV in this Caliber, and would like to get some reloading data for this cartridge. I know about it's history a bit , and have some original brass with the dies. But is this close to the 338 Edge??? Can I make brass from the 300 Rem. Ultra ?? It's a hunting rifle set-up with a cut-rifled barrel 1-10 twst. Got some data with it and see a 250gr. Part. @ 2910 fps..(is this real) I've reloaded for different calibers for 20yrs. but not this size of case. I see this site has alot of helpful info from Hunter's to Reloaders. Any info sent would be helpful up here in N.Alberta-Canada (Hunting Moose, Elk and "Big" Deer) 400-500yds. if necessary) I do like to put less distance between me and the game but sometimes ??? (S-Happens) 1st post for me.
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