338 Hornady Match pill test on Game

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Just Had the oportunity to test the Hornady 338cal 250 grain BTHP match projectile on game.
    This deer was taken late in the afternoon as it made its way down from its bedding area. I was waiting in ambush on a dry ridge 200 yards above a lush river bottom.
    I could hear the deer making its way down through the dry leaves and as it broke cover I took the shot.
    Animal taken was a 350lb Sambar Hind taken front on at under 100yards.
    Rifle was a .338WM Sako with a muzzle velocity of 2735fps.
    Bullet entered the neck, broke the spine, travelled down the neck and lodged under the skin at the shoulder. Instant kill.
    Bullet shed its jacket and no lead core could be found, only the jacket and bits of schrapnel.
    Although this deer was shot at close range, I do think from the great expansion of the bullet it should also work OK at much lower velocity.


    .338 WM and recovered projectile alongside new 250gn Hornady BTHP Match projectile.


    Here she is, ready to be carted out and prepared for the freezer. Very nice meat from these animals and great fun to hunt.
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    Dec 20, 2002
    Good job TS

    That 250 looks just like the 300 SMK's do (nice). Looks like they performed well.....that's how I see it anyway.