338 Edge (Thanks Shawn Carlock)

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    Sep 30, 2008
    I just received my 338/300 RUM barrel from Pac-Nor for my Savage SS RUM Action. Used 300 RUM go/no-go gages to set headspace. I used a 338 RUM die to neck up the 300 RUM case and filled the case with IMR 7828 and seated a Nosler bullet.

    Life is great right about now then:
    I chambered the round and it became stuck. I could not fully chamber nor could I pull the bolt back. I freaked. I did not want to hit the bolt handle with my hammer so I gingerly took off the stock, loosened the barrel nut and backed the barrel off the receiver. :mad:

    I called Mr. Carlock and he was kind enough to go over the procedure with me and pointed out that since I was using once fired 300 RUM brass I needed to FL Size the brass with a 375 RUM die then Neck Size with the 338 RUM Die. I found an RCBS 375 RUM Set for $16 @ Midway and I am back in action.

    I just wanted to say a big THANKS to Shawn Carlock for his support.