338 EDGE Complete Package (Optics/Dies/Etc)

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Selling my EDGE, has 70 rounds down the tube, shoots great. Everything you need is included except powder, bullets, and primers. Last trip out she went 3 for 3 at 1100 yards on 12x12 inch steel. I did not put this together in my garage ... all work was done by my smith. The load I have been using is 91g of RL25, CCI 250s, 300 SMKs, Nosler Brass, 3.875 COAL and it shoots great. I have all data from the workup and will include it. Details as follows.

    - 30 inch McGowen Straight Taper, 1:10 Twist w/ Badger FTE Brake
    - Savage Long Action
    - Savage Shooter Supply Single Shot Follower
    - Savage Shooter Supply Extended Bolt Handle with knurled Bolt Knob
    - Rifle Basicx SAV-1 Trigger set at 1.5 pounds (adjustable if you want it heavier)
    - Bell and Carlson Stock with Extended LOP, Pacmeyer Decelerator, OD
    - Full Bed and Glass, Barrel/Action/Follower
    - Harris 9-13 Swivel/Notched/Bipod w/ Pod Lock
    - Sightron SIII 6-24x50 LRMD / MilDot
    - Side Focus Parralax
    - 100 MOA of internal Elevation Adjustment
    - 30mm Seekins Medium Rings
    - 20 MOA Warne Steel Base
    - All load data and DOPE is included
    - 100 pieces of Nosler Brass (50 new in box still wrapped)
    - Redding Deluxe custom Die set = all 3 dies (FL sizer / Neck sizer / Seater / shell holder)
    - Voodoo Tactical 60 inch Drag Bag = LINK
    - Eagle Adjustable Stock pack / cheek rest


    $2750 shipped to your FFL

    Would like to sell as a package but will only break it up if the Rifle goes solo first.

    Trades Options... (+/- $$$ Accordingly)

    USO 3.2-17x44 ERGO EREK GAP mil/mil
    USO ST-10 ERGO EREK GAP mil/mil (37 or 44 OBJ)
    SWFA SS 5-20 FFP
    XLR 700 SA chasis
    Bulk 308 and 5.56 factory ammo
    Ruger No.1(s)

    PM with questions or if you want more pics etc
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