.338-404 Imperial Magnum

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    Good day Members

    Please be so kind as to give me any information regarding the .338-404 Imperial caliber. I think it was the caliber that preludes the 330 Dakota...a straight .404 brass neck down to a .338 bullet without any changes to the .404 brass itself? It was a Canadian experiment a few years ago...

    Any links will be helpful.

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    Sorry, I saw this post so late. I have owned a 338 Imperial Magnum for a number of years. The .404 Jeffery case is fire formed. I actually use 375 Ultra Mag brass to form mine now. Just a small neck trim is needed after sizing. Original .404 Jeffery brass needs the rim turned slightly, from .545" to .532. The Ultra Mag already has the proper rim diameter.
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    This wildcat became the .338 Imperial Magnum, which was manufactured in Canada for a period of time. I have a box of brass headstamped .338 Imperial, from the Canadian manufacturer. I have a M70 Express that was chambered in this cartridge for a period of time. Then I eventually had it re-chambered to the .338 Edge. The only difference between the .338 Imperial and the .338 Edge, is the shoulder on the Edge is moved ~0.015 to 0.020" further forward, for slightly greater case capacity than the .338 Imperial Magnum.

    I typed "338 Imperial" with the quotation marks, and received 78 hits using this Forum's Search function. Set the "Find Posts from" to Any Date. And set "Keyword Search" to Search Entire Posts.

    I've posted information about my .338 Imperial on this forum a number of times in the past. I have some reloading data and recorded MV data from my rifle. If you send me a PM with your e-mail address, I could send you an attachment consisting of some reloading data I kept from my .338 Imperial days.
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    Some good information above this case is pritty much the 300 RUM that is so popular today.