325WSM 200 grainers Vs 220 grainers

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Hi all,

    First time poster long time reader!

    I recently purchased a Browning X bolt with the titanium finished stock and fluted barrel, then topped it with a 4.5-14x44 Ziess Conquest. Primarily the light weight unit will be used for hunting sambar deer in Australia. Sambar are the biggest of our deer species and a big stag can weigh between 550 to 600lbs (or 250kgs)

    These deer are tough any many that hunt them in Australia preach using calibres like the 458, 416 or 375 to pull these blokes up

    To give you an idea go to
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    As you can see this unalert stag took 3 fatal hits from my 300 WM using 180 grain Barnes Tipped Triple Shocks, entering the rib cage and lodging in the neck and the point of the shoulder. A projectile I dubbed drill bits as at 260 meters when driven quit hard at 3125 fps at the muzzle did not expand enough, turning into virtual solids. I find them very good under 100 meters. A friend had a similar experience on a bedded stag at 250 meters.

    Now to get to my question! In my 325WSM I'm currently using 200 grain Accubonds. Winchester factory ammo that shoots and groups very well. After my and my mates experience using Barnes I switched to 180 Accubonds in my 300WM that proved soft not even exiting on a large stag when taking a quartering shot at approx 35 meters. I lost that stag after 4 days of searching which was a gut wrenching experience and something I don't care to repeat!

    Can anyone provide feedback on the 200 grain Accubonds on large game animals? Be it sambar, elk, moose or even the thick skinned African beasts.

    Alternatively I am considering loading some 220 grain projectiles. The 220 grain Sierra Game King with its thicker jacket ( designed for the 8mm) seems to stand out. Can anyone offer feedback on this alternative on tough animals?

    Last but least, loads! In Australia powders are limited and my best option is the Aliant RL powders. Can anyone provide load details using Aliant/RL powders using a 220 grain projectile? If you be so kind as to provide speed and barrel length in your answer. Someone who owns the same rifle would be cool. Alternate projectile suggestions are also appreciated.

    Apart from that good hunting and appreciate your feedback