308 wild cats?

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  1. upstaterider2003

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    Dec 2, 2007
    Ok.. so I hear all the time how great the 308 is but only for hunting to 600 yards... has anyone built a 308 round that will reach out and be lethal at 1000 yards with flatter trajectory?
    In other words put more powder/charge behind a 308? can it be done? or is it simply not worth it?
  2. blygy

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Look @ a 260 Rem or the Ackley version.

  3. j_22250

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    Nov 25, 2007
    The 308 is not a very flat shooting round, with a 200yrd. zero it drops around 30" at 400yrds. I think the military says it's effective range is about 1200 meters. I read a post the other day on here I think about the 260 having a higher b.c. with a shightly smaller s.d. and more punch at those distances with 140gr. bullets. Also a lot flatter and not having to wait as long for bullet to reach the target. In my opinion the 7mm-08 is too close at those distance to have any real advantage over the 308, but the 260 might just be the ticket; better yet the 260ai.
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  4. landcbeitner

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    Jan 13, 2008
    There's no doubt the 260 is a better long range caliber than the 308. At longer distances the 260 (obviously depending on load) will often create more energy than the 308 even when the bullets are over 35gr lighter. If you have a 308 and want a little more out of it ballistically try the 155gr Lapua Scenar (.508 BC). With a 25" Shilen barrel I've acheived 2850fps without pressure signs. I would do extensive testing before trying to use one of these bullets for hunting.

    I've also had sucess with the Berger 185gr VLD with a BC of .556 it offers great wind bucking (for a 308) and good ballistics (I've been shooting these at over 2600fps). The latter would make a pretty good long range hunting load.