.308 bullets/loads for coyote...

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  1. goattman

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    Apr 2, 2012
    I know this has been posted before, searched and read. Looking for more. I am getting started coyote hunting. Eastcoast, some large fields, and I am comfortable shooting coyote out to 300 yards, maybe more in right conditions. I can hold a 4" group at 600 yards at the range, but don't see many coyotes at the range... I am looking for accuracy, and DRT humane shots. Not worried about pelts. I am shooting Remington 700 .308, no plans to buy new rifle. Looking for suggestions on accurate, deadly bullet and loads that you have found accurate with said bullet. I understand that accurate in your gun may not be accurate in my gun.

  2. 112Savage

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    Nov 12, 2011
    I've found that a 125 grain Speer TNT over a heavy dose of varget will turn groundhogs into mush at <100yds and makes crazy exits at further. Also TNT bullets are very accurate and not very seating depth sensitive. I've also found that IMR 8208 works well with light bullets in 308 Win.
    I'm not willing to give out loads due to my brass being very heavy WCC83 and it could be dangerous in other brass. I will however say that I am under max published load with the varget due to too much compression of the charge.
    I highly suggest trying the 125 grain TNT.

  3. dogbuster0006

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I hit one about 300yd with a 168a-max factory horandy match ammo it's game over lot's of pelt damage, serious splatter factor. If you want factory ammo this is the one to go with I too was shooting a rem700 308 the most accurate load in that rifle for me. I've seen numerous deer hit with that round and all were drt.
  4. dstark

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    May 15, 2012
    I've only tagged one coyote with my 308. Just a plain jane factory150gr SP, quartering toward me shot and it blew a massive exit on him DRT. Although I'm not sure this was typical bullet performance for this load. I think it smashed a rib and the bullet fragmented some along with bone shards. Not sure if that helps but it was spectacularly devastating. Not fur friendly.
  5. Creedmoor shooter

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    Oct 21, 2013
    I used to have a 30-06 remmy 700. Probably the best bullet i found was the 110 v-max. Great bullet. Another great bullet is an a-max. Both are great coyote bullets. If you want to be accurate then the a-max would be better. If you want to rip them apart then go with the v-max.