300WM velocity with new hybrids.

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    Jun 4, 2012
    What kind of velocity can I expect from a 28" krieger using the new 215 or 200 hybrid. I have a 11 twist barrel so don't think I will plan on trying out the 230 hybrid. I was seriously considering ordering a 300RUM barrel for my rifle but now I am second guessing myself on the matter. If I can get decent results from these bullets I don't think I will get another barrel just for the ability to push one bullet(the 230 hybrid) to the velocities i was thinking. I did order a custom suppressor from elite iron for my big magnums and the 300RUM was the largest case I could find that also out of convenience didn't require a new bolt for my rifle. I am considering just wearing out the barrel I have with the new can on and then latter on reassessing what I want out of it? I have just gotten to the point that there aren't many rifles out there that I want but there are tons of new bullets and calibers to try out that I can't seem to pick one.