300 wsm

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  1. dragman

    dragman Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2011
    Getting ready to put one together and I am questioning 185 hybrids or 215's bergers. and I am looking to use H4350 or 22RL any suggestions????
  2. brentc

    brentc Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    H4350 will work well for the 185, but you'll getter performance from a slower burner for the 215. ie: RL22, IMR7828ssc, H4831sc.

    My preference for the heavies in the 300 WSM is IM7828ssc. I use it to drive the 230 Tactical Hybrid at a touch over 2700 fps and the 210 VLD at 2850 fps. RL22 will drive them pretty hard too, I just don't have any experience with it in the 300 WSM.

    All that said, IMO skip the 185 and go straight for the hybrid. You can easily drive the 215 at 2750-2800 fps and the BC of that bullet will be advantageous in every category of performance over the 185 VLD even though the 185 starts at a higher velocity.