300 wsm sako tikka

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  1. federicogorio

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Dear guys,
    since this is the best forum all around the world (not kidding) of reliable experts studying the best possible reloads, I would like to dedicate a thread for sharing reloads for a very nice caliber: 300wsm, and one of the best rifles as "buck paid for accuracy" around: tikka t3 and sako 75 (85)

    Here is my best reload for a sako 75 300 wsm, I invite owners of sako 's or tikka 's in 300 wsm to post also their best reloads, in particular it would be interesting to know how berger vlds perform i these rifles (I just ordered a box of 185 graines for testing and will let you know the results soon)

    case: norma (shot max 4 times)
    primer: federal 215 GMM
    powder: 71 gr vihtavori n560
    bullets: 178gr hornady amax
    OAL: 2,95 inches (it will not fit the magazine, single shot loading required)
    velocity: 2960 f/s
    accuracy: 0.25-0.3 MOA 3 shots at 100 meters (109 yards)

    comments: please note that the listed reload works very well in winter, but in summer time it is very temperature sensitive and load should be reduced to 69,5-70 gr. Depending on temperature a variation of 0,5 gr can lead to much wider groups (from 0,3 to 0,7-0,8 MOA). At 500 yards you can expect 4-5 inches groups
  2. Long Time Long Ranger

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    Mar 12, 2002
    I have a 300 wsm tikka t-3 that shoots extremely well. Very good rifles.

  3. ShooterMedic

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    Jul 21, 2009
    To be totally honest I have not found many loads my tikka did not shoot well.
    I load mine to the length of the mag and have had great results.

    Best loads Include:
    208 Amax RL 17 64.5 gr OAL 2.85 2975 FPS

    180 Accubond RL 17 68 gr OAL 2.85 3100 FPS

    178 Amax Rl 17 68 gr OAL 2.85 3100 FPS
  4. federicogorio

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Dear guys,
    I want to update you with the results of bergers 185 gr hunting vld shot in my sako.
    Results were amazing, with a 3 shots group within 2,7 inches at 560 yards (same load shot 0,7 inches at 110 yards, it looks like berger bullets are stabilized at longer distances).

    Here is the recepe

    60 grains IMR 4350
    federal 215 gmm primer
    norma once fired brass
    free boring was set at 0,060 inches

    Speed of such load is pretty low, being around 2700 fps,
    but sending the same bullets at 3000 fps gave me a 1,5 inches group at 110 yards

    Now I will try something in the midlle ;)