.300 wsm 190 berger loads? looking for higher velocities...Superformance powder?

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    May 20, 2010
    anyone else been playing with this powder or got a good load 300 WSM w/ 190 VLDs with some good speed. rifle is a Browning Mt Ti 23" barrel so can't seat bullets out past standard COL for magazine length

    been working with this load seated at factory COL 2.860. There is not much load data for the Superformance powder so i did some math and ratio-ed some charge weights from other Superformance load data and other powders close on the burn rate chart. I like the idea of this powder being able to gain higher velocities with lesser loads, temperature insensitive, and i do have to say it has lesser recoil. After some research it looks like RL 17 might definitely be worth a try for getting higher velocities and minimal temp sensitivity. Love the Berger Vld for hunting, not interested in other bullets. Using Win brass that is weight sorted and fully prepped. CCI mag primers.

    at 66.4 gr of Super i had an es of only 6 fps but it was not very accurate (goin to try load again just cause of low es). no pressure signs yet. speeds of 2838 fps avg, (couple of things make me think that this load is not fully burning efficiently). expecting at least some speeds of 2950-3000. my accurate load is 65.1 gr of Super at .45 MOA (only 3 shots at a time cause of thin barrel) speeds of 2785 fps avg.

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    Re: .300 wsm 190 berger loads? looking for higher velocities...Superformance powder

    I shoot the 190's out of my WSM in front of H-4350@ 3000 or so.