300 weatherby load question

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  1. moosehead7

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    Jun 5, 2013
    I recently bought a 300 bee in a 24 inch barrel, I am thinking of shooting the factory weatherby 180 tsxload and was wondering how this bulet will perform for elk mose and deer out to 300 yards and how will the wound channels be if this bullet doesnt hit any bone, or is there another load I should be considering as I want massive internal damage. Thanks.
  2. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007
    The TSX at 300 yards will kill like any bullet when placed in the vitals. I don't use them anymore but when I did they worked best at 300 or less. When we missed any bone going in I was less than impressed. They do penetrate and if you will take a shot at the azz of a fleeing bull this bullet might be a good choice.

    you said "massive internal damage". That describes the way a Berger works, especially at 300 and less. My choice for a 300 wby would be the 215 or 230 Berger on elk. They flat put them down. Don't worry about the freebore of your rifle either. I shot 1000's of 210 and 230's now through a factory 30-378. In fact the bull to the left was from a 210 in a 30-378 Accumark. All the factory Weatherby's I loaded for shot groups of 3/4" or less at 100 yards with Bergers. The custom barreled rifles were all 1/2 moa to 1000 yards.

    Don't take my word for it on the Berger terminal performance. Just read this thread. See if this is what you are after.


    There are 19 big game kills including many elk with impact data an wound channel pics all from last season with my 300 win and 215 Bergers @ 3035 fps MV. That should be pretty close to what you will get from a 24" 300 Wby.


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    Feb 5, 2012
    Ive never shot a single round of factory wby ammo but my vanguard likes the 180 tssx better then any other bullet hands down. Ive shot many deer at ranges up to 500 yards with it and ive allway had back straps the next day. Dont let the 24 inch barrel bother you. My first wby was a markv with a 26 in barrel and my 24 in vanguard is only 50-100 fps slower with the loads i used in that mark v. Most of them closer to 50 then to a 100 fps slower. Im not a big barnes bullet fan but its seems that when you step up to a .30 cal or bigger they do a much better job then the smaller caliber barnes bullets do.