300 RUM powder choice?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by loaders_loft, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. loaders_loft

    loaders_loft Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2008
    Looking for advice on a powder choice for a friend's 300 RUM.

    I have 180grain ballistic tips and accubonds, with WLRM primers. Although I have several powders on hand, this HUNGRY cartridge limits me to only a few powders that I have over 1Lb on hand. These are:

    H1000 (limited to only about 1.5Lbs)

    Looking at the Nosler manual,

    H4831 is relatively "slow", 3089-3205fps.

    H1000 is also "slow", 3089-3225fps.

    Retumbo is among the fastest velocity range, at 3204-3343fps.

    However, Retumbo is 99-103% load density. (I do have a long funnel for these situations:D )

    ps. Also have a box of 180gr TTSX, which will probably require a different load altogether... Input appreciated.
  2. KDB

    KDB Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2009
    I have had good luck with retumbo pushing 190 VLD's. My max load is 98.5 grains of retumbo chronographed in the area of 3460. So far, no signs of pressure and last time I was at the range it was in the mid 90's. I have been waiting for VV N-570 to come in as I have had good luck with their high energy powders. Otherwise, the other powders you listed are too slow for me.

    Trued Rem 700 w/ 28inch Krieger barrel

  3. bigbuck

    bigbuck Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    I have been trying h-1000 @ 200 yrds and kept them at 1'' that's a 3 shot group not to great so I decided to try some retumbo I loaded 85.5 grains of powder oal was 3.675 federal 215m primer topped with a 210 grain bullet my three shot group with it measured .318 you could cover them all up with a dime:) as for me that's the best i've ever shot on paper. temp. was 80 deg. last saturday morning.
  4. was21

    was21 Well-Known Member

    Jan 30, 2007
    I've had some good luck with RL-25.
    I don't have my load data handy at present , but give it a look.

    wes in AZ
  5. 6.5x284tony

    6.5x284tony Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    I too have had great luck with RL-25. I have also tried Retumbo, H-4831SC, and H-1000, kept going back to the RL-25.

  6. J E Custom

    J E Custom Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2004
    There is another post on this site about the same thing and you may get some additional
    information on it .

    I like and use H 4831sc for the 300 RUM and the 30/378 and it performs well and is not as heat sensitive as some other powders.

    The Retumbo can get a little wild at max loading for some reason and the H 1000 was very
    nasty in My rifle (fouled badly).

    The H 4831 has given the best overall performance with the 180 gr bullets in my 300 RUM
    using Fed 215m primers.

    My 2 cents worth

  7. jbroadnax

    jbroadnax Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    I have had great luck with IMR 7828 in the 300ultra. I was shooting 180AB's on top of 91grs of it. You certainly don't want to start with that load though.
  8. elkaholic

    elkaholic Well-Known Member

    Dec 4, 2008
    I have two 300 rum's and have had the best results with retumbo and h870 (no longer available but thunderbird in ariz. has t870 which is the same thing) I loaded 105grs of h870 for 3350' with a 195 gr homemade ballistic tipped 8s spitzer with rebated boattail, .590 b.c. (180 accubonds would make 3550') With my 700 rem. and 27"" lilja 10 twist I get 3225' with 95 grs of retumbo. This is a good hunting choice as retumbo is less temp sensitive than most powders. If you are into long range, this makes a difference.
    I have tryed about every slow burning powder available and 870 will always give top velocity! Good luck.........Rich
  9. Jon A

    Jon A Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    For 173-220's Retumbo. For 220-290's, US869. That's all you need. ;)