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    I have a custom 300 Remington Ultra Mag Benchrest rifle for sale. This gun was built by Robert W. Hart and Sons of Nescopeck, PA. Gun has approximately 550 rounds fired and has been very well maintained. This gun makes a great benchrest rifle and also a great long-range hunting rifle. It has been fired out to 1 mile and has taken deer beyond 1000 yards.

    Asking price for gun and dies is $2,300 obo. Components are extra.

    Please see attached pictures.

    Your purchase includes:

    Trued / accurized Remington 700 Stainless action with bolt
    Hart 30" stainless barrel 1.250" with taper and snake skin bead blast finish
    Hart designed muzzle break with snake skin finish
    Hart 1 piece scope rings
    Leupold VX-III 8.5x - 25x scope with duplex reticle
    Leopold 2.5" sunshade
    McMillan MBR Tooley stock with cut-in vent slots
    RCBS Full length resizing die
    RCBS Bullet seating die

    This gun has shot the following groups:

    1000 yard 3 shot 1.75"
    1000 yard 5 shot 6.00"
    1000 yard 10 shot 11.00"
    830 yard 4 shot 4.25"

    The best load for this gun is:

    92.3 grains of Retumbo powder
    210 Sierra Matchking seated to 3.056" to ogive
    Federal 215 primer

    Feel free to email me at Jmtc1230@verizon.net or call 484-886-1048

    I can email you pictures.

    Thank you.

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