300 rum coal

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    May 21, 2008
    Earlier today, I was trying to determine the COAL require to seat the AB to the lands of my Sendero 300 RUM.

    I tried the technique of using a marker to darken the ogive of the bullet to detrmine where the lands were, but that proved futile. So I put a bullet into the chamber and carefully and gently pushed it to the lands. Then I took my dewey rod and inserted it into the bore from the muzzle until it touched the tip of the AB. I pushed back and forth gently from both sides to get a good feel for the lands then I marked the rod at the muzzle. Then I removed the bullet, closed the bolt and pushed the rod to the bolt face. I came up with about 3.76" and my mag box measures at 3.757.

    How does that sound to you other Sendero 300 RUM owners loading 200 AB's?

    Would be interested what your Berger 210 COAL is as well.