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    Mar 26, 2008
    :cool:Hey fellas , anyone got any reloading info for a 30-30 Ackley Improved in a TC Contender ?

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    Jan 10, 2008
    Here is what I have found and used as a guide for loading my Contender 14" Shilen SS barrel made my MGM ( Match Grade Machines). These are MAX charges and in my barrel I could not quite reach these loads by about 1 grain and still feel comfortable. My barrel has a tight chamber and case life is outstanding. My whitetail deer load is this: WW case, Wolf LR Primer, 33 grs IMR 4198, 125 Nosler Ballistic Tip, OAL 2.825 and it averages 2670 fps will average 3/4" at 100 yards and HAMMERS DEER. I have a Weaver 2.5-8X28 scope on my barrel. I would suggest that you use NEW cases to fire form for yours. I tried some once fired cases and had a number of them split and the others did not last very long. New WW cases were fire formed with just a bunch of junk components I had laying around. 147 FMJ bullets pulled from military ammo, IMR 4320 powder and a starting load for the 30-30 WIN and the Wolf LR primers because I had a bunch. I loaded up 50 rounds went to the range fired 3 shots to get it on target at 100 yards. Proceeded to shoot up the rest off a sandbag and bench allowing two other people to shoot some and one fellow had never shot a Contender before. Ended up having 47 rounds in under 2" group at 100 yards. Talk about an accurate caliber and barrel. I have taken 7 whitetail deer with it in the past two seasons with the 125 BT load. Only two even took a step after being hit and they did not go over 3 jumps. You will love your 30-30AI.

    30-30 Ackley Improved (T/C Contender Super 14) Data

    110gr Hornady V-MAX / 35.0grs. IMR-4198 = 2700 FPS
    110gr Hornady V-MAX / 37.0grs. A.A.2015BR = 2700 FPS
    110gr Speer Round nose / 34.0grs. RL-7 "not chrono'd yet"
    125gr Nosler BT / 34.5grs. H-4198SC = 2689 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 34.0grs. IMR-4198 = 2683 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 34.0grs. IMR-4198 = 2627 FPS

    125gr Nosler BT / 33.5grs. IMR-4198 = 2617 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 38.0grs. A.A.2520 = 2560 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 36.0grs. A.A.2015BR = 2550 FPS

    125gr Nosler BT / 38.0grs. A.A.2230 = 2507 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 36.0grs. H-322 = 2498 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 38.0grs. IMR-3031 = 2480 FPS

    125gr Nosler BT / 37.0grs. IMR-3031 = 2375 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 41.5grs. W-748 = 2473 FPS
    125gr Nosler BT / 38.0grs. A.A.4064 = 2434 FPS
    130gr Hornady SSP / /33.0grs. IMR-4198 = 2588 FPS
    130gr Hornady S.P. / 38.0grs. A.A.2520 = 2520 FPS

    130gr Hornady SSP / 36.5grs. H-4895 = 2490 FPS
    130gr Speer Flat Nose/38.0grs. H-335 = 2486 FPS

    130gr Berger H.P. / 35.0grs. A.A.2015BR = 2371 FPS
    130gr Berger H.P. /36.0grs. H-322 = 2346 FPS

    130gr Berger H.P. /36.5grs. IMR-4895 = 2257 FPS
    130gr Berger H.P. /35.0grs. H-322 = 2245 FPS
    130gr Hornady SP /34.0grs RL-10x = 2450fps
    130gr Hornady SP /36.0grs. RL-10x = 2580fpsMax. load
    135gr Sierra SSP / 33.5grs. IMR-4198 = 2517 FPS
    135gr Sierra SSP /33.0grs. IMR-4198 = 2488 FPS
    135gr Sierra SSP /38.5grs. IMR-4895 = 2435 FPS
    150gr Speer / 36.0gr.s IMR-3031 = 2450 FPS
    150gr Nosler BT / 36.0grs. IMR-3031 = 2437 FPS
    150gr Hornady / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2416 FPS

    150gr Speer Flat Point / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2410 FPS
    150gr Sierra / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2396 FPS
    150gr Hornady S.P. / 38.5grs. Reloader15 = 2390 FPS

    150gr Hornady S.P. / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2380 FPS
    150gr Speer Mag Tip / 37.0grs. H-335 = 2372 FPS
    150gr Hornady / 36.5grs. W-748 = 2370 FPS

    150gr Hornady SST / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2369 FPS
    150gr Rem PSPCL / 35.0grs. H-322 = 2350 FPS
    150gr Hornady S.P. / 37.5grs. A.A.4064 = 2350 FPS

    150gr Rem PSPCL / A.A.2520 35.5gr = 2340 FPS
    150gr Rem Core-Lockt / 36.5grs. IMR-3031 = 2311 FPS
    150gr Hornady S.P. / 33.0grs. Re-7 = 2350 FPS
    150gr Nosler bt / 37.5 - 40.0grs Varget = 2350-2400fps
    165gr Hornady B.T.S.P. / 34.0grs. IMR-4895 = 2255 FPS
    165gr Speer Spt.B.T. / 34.0grs. IMR-4895 = 2240 FPS
    165gr Hornady B.T.S.P. / 31.0grs. Re-7 = 2126 FPS

  3. Buttermilk

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    Dec 19, 2005
    I used to own a T/C Contender in 30-30 AI. One of the best rounds available for the Contender in my opinion.

    My barrel was a 1:10 twist, 14" long. It started life as a 30 Herrett that I had rechambered to the 30-30 AI.

    I had real good results using Varget with a Nosler 150 Ballistic Tip.

    I started at the book max for a standard 30-30 based on Hodgdon's data, and worked up from there.

    The most accurate load I had:

    37.5 grains Varget
    F210GMM primer
    w-w case fire-formed
    Nosler 150 BT
    OAL was slightly over 2.9" (I'll have to dig out the data)

    Nearly a one hole load. I never chrono'd this load.

    I worked up to 40.0 grains, and stopped there. This was safe in my barrrel, but may not be in yours... SO start low and work up.... (std disclaimer here.....).

    The 40.0 grain load would shoot 3/4" 3-shot groups every time I took it to the range. It also clocked 2385 FPS @ 15' from the muzzle.


  4. timkenred

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Thanks Rog; I really appreciate the 30-30 AI data , I've been kicking around a couple of different 30-30 based cartridges I found a gunsmith that can open up my 30-30 win. 14 in. barrel to 30-30 AI
    ,I've found another real hot one in the past few days a - - 6m/m x 30-30 AI , from what I,ve seen so far it will push 75 grainers at 3400 fps. and 90 's at 3100 for this one I'll have to buy the whole barrel .gun)


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    Oct 15, 2004
    Who did your rechambering?
  6. Buttermilk

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    Dec 19, 2005
    It was a 'smith near Oklahoma City. I don't recall his name, as it's been several years ago.
  7. grwhthunter

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    Mar 17, 2012
    thank you for load data. i recently bought a new 30-30 a.i. factory contender super 14 barrel. bushnell 2-6x32 handgun scope. i worked up H4198 to 34.0 grains with a nosler 125 grn. ballistic tip. under 1 inch accuracy on every group i shot with it. new winchester brass i fireformed , rem 9 1/2 primer , with a c.o.a.l. of 2.810. no excessive pressure signs. cases fell out when contender was tilted back. thank you all for info !!!!