2nd build but looking for some opinions

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Okay First time poster long time reader.

    This will be my second build of a custom rifle. My first I just simpley picked a cartridge and called a smith and had him pick everything except for action (barrel, barrel twist length etc.) So for this one I would like to put together and know why.

    Im going to choose .308 winchester. I have researched the round. I should prob add that I want this to shoot out to 1000 yards and stay supersonic for target and hunting alike. This is what I have found and what I'm thinking about going with.

    Savage 111 with detachable mag. The factory detachable mag is a piece so I am hopefully going to find one an after market detachable. Any ideas?

    308 winchester with a 175 grain SMK

    308 Palma Match with about .112-.114 lead for the SMK (From the print I have found this is a NO turn neck which is what I would like, and it has a lead of .112. Was this and actual 308 Palma Match print or a altered one? The print had Pacifit Tool and Gauge on it.)

    Maker- Hart
    Twist- 1-11 (I have heard 1-11.25 is the ideal for the bullet combo but I figured the 11 would work fine)
    Length- 20-26''

    Other Load stuff:
    Winchester Brass
    Fedral 210 primers
    Varget or RL15

    The barrel has been a pain trying to figure out. I know that the length and velocity go hand and hand. I would really like a 20" b/c of ease of movement and carring but as I said I would also like the round to be supersonic at a 1000 yards. Has anyone current real world info on how the 175 SMK and the 20 inch barrel perform together?

    I need opinions on action, chamber, barrel twist and what length are people running? I am choosing this action first b/c I have one in 30-06 and b/c I like how cheap and yet accurate the savage actions are.

    Paul B.
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Firstly, I know this is going to be quite controversial, but I believe the .308 is rather over rated. For a medium range hunting round it can't really be faulted; packs a big punch and there's an abundance of cheap factory ammo or reloading components, but on 1000 yard targets it can be beaten hands down by a number of other rounds. Don't get me wrong, it will get the job done, but with more drop and wind drift than necessary. Although your requirement was just for it to remain supersonic at 1000 yards, which it will do.

    As for barrel length, I would personally go with at least a 24". It may not be as manoeuvrable as a 20" but it will gain you about 150fps instantly. And when you can get free velocity like that you can't really complain. Also, with something as short as 20" there will be unburned powder coming out the end, which will give you a bigger muzzle flash and louder bang, could erode your crown, and is altogether just a bit of a waste of good powder.

    Just my opinion, others may disagree!