.284 win. short action?

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I have a savage model 10 short action and would like to rebarrel to the .284 win. I would like to shoot the 162 amax or 175 berger. I know the .284 is a short action cartridge but would I be able to load the long amax/berger bullets without losing alot of case capacity? Is anyone shooting a .284 win. in a short action and what kind of velocity are you getting out of it?
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    Feb 19, 2012
    I have a Browning 284 in a short action with a 22 inch barrel. The magazine limits me to 2.8 inches. The best load i have came up with is 145 gr speer bt loaded with 55.1gr of imr 4350 gives me 3070 fps and 1 inch accuracy.

    I have tried loading 154 gr interbonds but at 2.8 inches the ogive of the bullet starts before the case neck ends. it looked horrible and the accuracy wasn't good velocity was around 2800 fps with rel-17 and h4831. I do have some 160 gs but have not loaded them up.

    Other good loads i have found are
    48.3 gr of varget with 140 sierra pro hunters velocity was 2900.
    50.4 gr of rel-15 with 120 gr barnes tsx @ 3141 fps
    51 gr of varget 120 tsx @ 3221.

    It has been my experience that the short action 284 win and long high bc bullets dont go together. but you can get good velocity with the lighter bullets. if you can load out to 3.0 oal you might be able to squeeze some longer bullets in there. check out this link http://www.6mmbr.com/gunweek095.html (284 win tactical hunter) he was able to get good velocity and longer bullets at 2.9 oal.
    I am planning on building a 284 on a long action so that i can shoot some 168 gr bergers.
    Hope i was helpful and good luck