280 Ackley Throat length

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    Aug 14, 2008
    I am having another 280 AI built on a Defiance action. The barrel is a 1-9 Kreiger I plan to shoot 160-168g bullets. I told Dave at PT&G that is what I was going to shoot bullet wise and that cartridge OAl was not a concern as the action has Wyatt magazine length which is more than plenty for any throat length with long bullet. He sent me a reamer with .188 freebore does this seem right as far as seating 160+ gr bullets with the bullet base seated as close to the neck/shoulder junction as possible w/o getting into the powder area too much?

    Any of you that shoot the 280 AI know that the best powders in this cartridge are always compressed or right at it and I dont want the bigger bullets too deep in the case since OAL is not an issue. My measurement shows when a 160 AB is seated at the junction the distance from case mouth to ogive is .250+. Any help will be appreciated because I could be completely wrong! lol.