.277 Matrix bullets

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Okay guys after much research and coming up dry here is my problem (i know i could call Whidden but i want to try anyone with first hand experience first). Here is what i'm wanting to do...Uniform the Meplat of the Matrix .277 175gr bullet, then tip it with the Whidden tipping die. Here's the problem, the Meplat trimming bodies and Whidden collets are only availlable in 6.5 or 7mm calibers.

    Has anyone Meplat trimmed or Whidden tipped their .277 cal bullets? What set up did you use?
  2. MuleHunter

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    Dec 19, 2008
    I was affraid of that.

  3. bigngreen

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Do you think they need trimming, the meplats are much better than Bergers!!
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    May 1, 2011
    Matrix lists a static BC for this bullet, does anyone know the true BC?
    Or has Litz worked his majic on it yet?

    I kinda agree with the guy that said the meplats on these bullets are cleaner than Bergers.
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    Jan 20, 2004

    I think we're on the same wave length.

    If I recall correctly Matrix meplat is 0.60". That's huge in my book!

    Again from recollection, bigngreen posted bc @ a mid 0.6xx value from drop chart development.

    As Matrix informed me that their bullets won't perform out of my 270 Allen Magnum, and no other high bc bullets are available I've had to do innovation. Long, hard, expensive innovation.

    Pursued trimming and repointing as you have. Learned of the same constraints.

    Noted rifle smith/machinist (Sponsor here) could make a pointer but wouldn't due to patent/legal or some other potential issue of that type.

    After going through 169.5 and heavier high bc 277 offerings I've firmly decided that, for extreme long range game taking, any/even extreme 277 offering is acceptable for deer and smaller game only.

    I did a bunch of thinking when I was shooting 169.5 277s @ 3400 and the shooter was shooting 200 gr 7MMs in the same velocity range with a decent bull in the scope at about 1475 yards. I felt a bit under gunned.

    My requirement is that the 277 bullet be high bc and hold together in a 3 groove 8 twist 30" barrel. By high bc I'm thinking anything greater than 0.600

    When balancing velocity, bc and bullet integrity (no greater bearing surface than absolutely necessary) and bullet length (stability consideration) optimum bullet weight seems to hover around 160 grains.

    Developing a bullet capability around these parameters gives one the opportunity to experience way more than one ever thought necessary. I gained great respect for names such as Berger, Hornady, Nosler. I had to opportunity to visit with a fellow that was with Nosler when he was still doing one-off bullets. Very interesting discussion.

    What I came up with is a repointing method where a Nosler bullet is retipped with a brass point that increases bullet weight by nearly 10 grains and bc by at somewhere around 0.16 for the 160 class end product. Meplat is less than 0.30" and a uniform as a lathe can make.

    I've shot them in rough prototype configurations with good accuracy and terminal performance.

    A couple of fellas here have some for field testing several cartridges. I haven't been in a position for over a year where I can shoot and have until next spring to go.

    We'll see what the field tests show and go from there.

    I wish you well on your quest.
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  6. MuleHunter

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    Dec 19, 2008
    My goal is to try to beat the 7wsm. With the Berger 180 Hybrid at a .684bc and 2950fps. Whidden makes a tipping die for the 7's. At a modest 5% increase that puts the bc at .718. There are 5 high bc Bergers to choose from for the 7. That is what im up against!

    The tested bc's of the Matrix .277's seem to be about .650 for the 165vld and .700 for the 175vld given a 3,000fps muzzle velocity out of the 270 WSM. The Meplats on them as you said Roy are huge. I figure if a guy can tip the 175 you might see an 8% increase, thats a .758bc at 3,000fps! Now we're on to something! That and Norma brass with the same barrel life as the 7 WSM make the 270 WSM a serious contender against the 7.

    I am just wondering if i want to shoe horn myself into only 2 bullet choices with the .277 and take the risk that i will get my performance expectations. I think im going to do it anyway.

    I wasn't after trimming the Meplat so much as just doing a clean up pass before tipping it to have a consistent uniform bc from bullet to bullet.

    Roy thanks for the input. Im after a rifle to take deer, elk, and bear no farther than 1,000yds. For that purpose the 270 WSM will work. Im just being tempted by the large variety of 7mm bullets. Just trying to research my options.

    Does anyone know if the 7 or 6.5 Whidden die collets can be used to point the .277? Or has anyone tried?
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    Aug 7, 2010