270WSM..need a load?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Dust270WSM, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Dust270WSM

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    Jun 4, 2009
    I have a Sako A7 I am wanting to get a handload made up for it. It has a 22" barrel and a 1-10 twist. I am wanting a long range load. I plan on shotting a Berger bullet. Probably 150 grain for that extra pop downrange and wind bucking. But could shot 130 or 140 grains to if reccommended. Like to get to be a killer out to around 600 yards. or further if possible.

    What loads do you guys and gals reccommend? I have heard retumbo is a good powder.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. e-rock

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    May 29, 2009
    I have loaded up some 140 grn accubonds with same hole groups on my buddies tikka

    i want to say 58-59 grns imr 4350 but check the nosler book if you need exacts i can check when i get home.

    I will tell you the tikkas have a tight chamber as im sure the sakos do as well and require a slight cam over to get consistent chambering
    If not you will get 3 of ten that will be tight.
    To much over cam and buckled cases.
    but when you are about 3 thousanths under on head space brass should last a life time.
    I will say imr 4350 will get the best speeds and accuracy with the wsms atleast in my tikka:cool: 300 wsm and his 270 wsm.

    Hunter is another good choice.

  3. bigngreen

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    Nov 24, 2008
    I'm shooting the 270wsm in a Savage model 12 with a 26in barrel, using 140gr AccuBonds and 140 gr Bergers.
    I'm using 71gr of Rutumbo, Fed 215, .015 of the lands for both bullets and both shoot under 1/2 in if I shoot under 1/2in. The Accubond runs 3341fps average and the Berger 3300 fps with the Berger hitting 2in higher than the Accubond on a 100yd sight in. I'm having to stick to the 140s cause I'm 1-11 twist but I think that you would really have to push 150s to be much better than the 140s.
    With the shorter barrel you may not have the gain with Rutumbo that you would with a little faster powder.
    You can really tell the difference between the two bullets on steel, @ 725yds the Accubond craters the gong but the bullets are not designed to work the same but hopefully they provide the same out come, this fall will tell.
    I would definatly work up to this load, I have taken it faster but there was an accuracy loss. I have also been suprised by brass life, I have some Remington brass that are near 20 loadings and looking fine.
    I am JACKED:D about the 270WSM for long range on antalope and deer but for how far for elk I want to see how it does on the deer. I feel confident to 1000yds in my rig and my skills I think will be there by fall to make consistant hits.gun)

    BROWN TROUT Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2005

    What type of sizing die are you using?
    I also have a Savage 12 in 270WSM. It shoots 0.75" groups at 100 yards with Federal factory ammo. So why mess with it? Well, I think it has more potential and I have always loaded all my own stuff.
    I am considering the Redding Type S neck sizer, or just a standard neck sizer. Any recommendations? It is a hog, deer, tactical, and future pronghorn rifle.

  5. bigngreen

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Brown Trout

    I'm using the standard RCBS FL set. I'm going to up grade to the Redding Fl bushing set this next winter. I bump the shoulder back each time so everything will chamber well. I'm getting more run out than I would like but it still shoots great.
    I would not get away with just neck sizing, I tried not FL sizing and they chambered stiff and they were variable in how they chambered.
    The best thing I did was put a Bell and Carlson tactical stock on, cut my groups way down. If you have the laminate stock they seem to be good the way they are.
    Mine only shoots great @ .015 off the lands, I go in or out .005 and the groups open up, doesn't matter what bullet.
    This is by far the best rifle/caliber combo I have ever shot. I can't wait till deer season!!gun)
  6. wheelgunner

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    Sep 29, 2008

    i have a Sako 75 .270WSM, i love this rifle.
    I had a very good accuracy with Accubond 130 and Sierra MK135, loaded with 65.00 grs. H4831, Winchester and Remington brass, CCI250 primer.
    (the best accuracy is with the MK135 .... 3 rounds: one hole at 150 yds.)

    The dies i use (for this caliber), are the Hornady New Dimension ... low cost, great accuracy.

    The next test i would like to try will be with IMR4350