270 seating depth from lands

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by new shooter, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Mar 19, 2006
    New to reloading. I have started at .020 off the lands with 140gr Accubond .What i would like to know is when do you start to move your seating depths closer to lands to get your best groups. Right now i am using r-22 powder. I am using a ced m2 chronograph. I have loaded powder to 60.1 gr.;speeds are 2845, 2819, 2861. 60.2 gr. speeds are 2803, 2841, 2805. 60.4 gr. speeds are 2840, 2851, 2830. This shows max load in book. BUT no sign of pressure, so i loaded more up starting at 60.5 and going up 1 ten at a time up to 61grs. If i see any pressure i wil stop and pull bullets. If i do not get low es spread at or close to max pressure how much do i have to back off to start seating closer to the lands? Or do i go .005 closer at a time or do i go .010 or do i touch the land and go back from there? I am using a Lee neck sizing die; i don,t know if that's good or bad. cci 200 primers R22 powder. Do you try different primers? I haved not started to seperate bullets by beading surface yet i got Tubbs BSC comparator and Meplat uniformer. I plan to do this right. i have spent a ton of money to go from bow hunter to long rang shooting and hunting. i have a 338am ordered; it is just about done after a year, If we every get brass; i ordered two hunderd brass in september; wouldn't that be something to hve a gun with no brass. So i am starting with a 270. thanks for your help ps any long rang shooters in polson, MT. area that reloads and hunts long range? would love to have a partner.
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    new shooter:

    Hmmm, those velocities seem a little slow for that much powder with that bullet? But I've been hearing things about RL-22 and variations between lots.

    What's the specs on the rifle. Barrel length, manufacturer, etc?

    My experience has been that as you seat the bullet out farther the pressure and velocity goes down.

    You may wish to try Hornady Interlocks like the 140 BTSP. The spire points seem to like to be jumped a bit. You may also wish to try some of those accubonds into the rifling then work back. Back off a bit on the powder and give it a go.

    One thing for sure is when you get the 338 AM you won't have to do any of this messing around. No sense in wearing that barrel out when you don't have to.;)

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    What kind of groups are you getting at .020? I know a great guy in polson, would be happy for you to give him a call. 883-2001.