264 win mag and 338-378 weatherby

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    Mar 17, 2003
    I have two 264 win mags in Ruger model 77 stainless mark II.I also have two 338-378 Weatherbys in Accumarks.What the barrel life on a 264 if you only shoot 140 gr and heavier.If I ever shoot it out I will replace it woith a 28# barrel on the 264.I am taking it easy on these guns so they will last longer.I only shoot 250 gr and heavier in the 338-378.I need something to make them easier to clean.The powder fowloing in both of them is the worst thing about them.The 338-378 must be cleaned every 60 shots down to the metal.I like the foam bore cleaners but I wonder if they eat away metal too.Both of these calibers shoot under 1/2" at one hundred yards and right around an inch at 300 yards.I am doing everything right I guess but it sure is hard not to shoot the m a bunch.I shoot the heck out of my 338 win mags asnd 416 Rem mags.I have yet to burtn a barrel at at 2500 rounds.I dont let them heat up and take my time shooting them.I like heavier bullets in both.I want to try the 160 gr woodleigh bullets in the 264 .I have some 325 gr I am trying in the 338-378 Weatherby.I like the 300 gr smk just dont trust it enough for bears.I mostly use the 250 gr Nosler partition.I like the serria 250 gr bt also for thinner skinned game.