260 REM/140 Berger Load Data, Seating Depth, & Barrel Length

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    Feb 26, 2003
    I had a Savage 110 in 22-250 and traded it for a Savage 111 chambered in 270 to get a longer magazine well, then installed the Shilen .260 REM select match barrel. (270 barrel is available if anyone is interested.)

    I am shooting the 130 Accubonds and 140 AMAX / Berger VLD.

    I have been working on H4350 and H4831SC loads.

    How much H4350 or H4831sc is everyone using and what is the OAL?

    The table was generated using Quickload, it is very cool and provides tons of data!

    All loads are as close to 60K psi as I could get them for comparision purposes, start lower and work up!

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