.25 souper or 260 Rem?

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  1. wm5l

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    Jan 27, 2008
    I have a very early A-bolt that is in .257 Roberts that was my fathers. It has a very short box magazine. I cant seem to get the bullets seated out far enough for it to shoot well and still fit in the mag. I am guessing the throat is long. I was thinking of rebarreling it to something shorter like a 25 Souper (25-308) or a 260Rem. since they are so much shorter. I have a 6mm so a 243 is out and 3, 7mm-08s I want to keep it close to where it is now. I will be using it for deer size stuff or large varmits. I am not agnist a long range type setup as I dont have anything for that now. Any thoughts or suggestions
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    The 260 would be my choice over the 25 Souper because of the available bullets for long range but if its gonna be a moderat range deer and varmint gun then the 25 would work great , not realy giving you anything that you can't get with the 243 or 7-08 though.

    For a long range rig I'd chamber it in 260 , load up some dummy rounds with a 140gr Berger so that they will feed from your mag and send those along when the barrel is chambered so that the smith can throat the chamber to fit those rounds.
    The 7-08 has some better BC bullets but witha short mag you will have to seat them very deep in the case and that will not be bennificial