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    Jan 11, 2005
    This is probably old news to you guys but I found it to be good reading.

    In the Jan/Feb issue of Petersons Rifle Shooter Jon Sundra used a necked down 7mm Rem. SAUM case to .257 with only the necks having to be reduced in thickness to make it work.

    He built the gun on a Prairie Gun Works action, Shaw Fluted Stainless Barrel and a Boyd,s JRS Clasic stock.

    I Quote " Thus far the results have been beyond my expectations.Working primarily with various 100-grain bullets, I've achieved 3500 fps with two different powders Re 19 and Re 22." out of a 24 inch barrel.

    Not Bad. It goes on to say that they built a second gun just to make sure the results were not skewed. They posted groups .875, 1., 1.2, 1.25

    What velocity would be expected from this with a 26inch or better barrell. Weatherby says 3600 from a 26 inch barrel in there 257 weatherby mag.
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    Sep 19, 2002
    A friend of mine considered the 25 SAUM for a while when rebarelling his 300 SAUM. After much research he decided on the 6.5 SAUM. Better bullets was the primary reason for doing this.

    I can get 3400 fps easily out of my 25-06 with a 25 1/2" barrel shooting 100 grain bullets. I would expect the 25 SAUM to get closer to 3600 fps.