25-06 AI

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by rotorhead, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. rotorhead

    rotorhead Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2005
    Does anybody have a 25-06 AI. I'm courious as to barrel wear and velocity potential.

  2. Nomosendero

    Nomosendero Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Yes, I have a Sendero that Kirby rechambered along with some
    accuracy enhancements. Thanks to Kirby it is a great shooter.
    I do not know for sure about barrel wear, I suspect a little
    better than the Wea, & I hope 2,000 rounds or so, not sure.
    Right now mine is good for 3,250fps with 125gr. Wildcats &
    .25-.30 groups. I haven't thought of a good reason to try other loads, but I might play with some this summer.

  3. brianwinzor

    brianwinzor Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2003
    Rotorhead, I currently have two rifles chambered for the 25/06AI.

    The older of the two (SakoAV Action, Sako Sporter barrel)has fired about 1800 shots, and even though the throat is eroded about .250 inches, and velocity is down about 200 fps, it still always seems to hit what I aim it at in the field. I intend to have it rebarreled next year and chambered to the 280AI.

    I believe that the barrel life in that rifle could have been extended even further if I had been more conservative with my field loads early in its life.

    I discovered that if I exceeded 3,600 fps with the 100 grain bullet, case life was about 3 - 5 shots before primer pockets opened up. However, once I restricted it to about 3,550 fps, I have found that case life increased significantly. A batch of 60 cases of Remington 25/06 brass that I am using in the newer 25/06AI has fired about 550 shots and still seems ok. It will be interesting to see what barrel life I get out of the this rifle.

    My custom 25/06AI, (Sako L61R action, Shilen 24 inch 1 in 10 twist barrel) produces the following velocities:
    100 grain NoslerBT - 3,580 fps
    115 grain NoslerBT - 3,275 fps
    125 grain Wildcat ULD- 3,225 fps
    130 grain Wildcat FBBCHP - 3,150 fps
    142 grain Wildcat ULD - 3,050 fps
    156 grain Wildcat ULD - 2,830 fps

    As expected the Shilen 10 twist barrel did not stabilise the 142 and 156 grain Wildcat ULD's.

    Hope that the above information is of some help. Brian.