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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi Guys: Just trying to get a consensus on what most rifles have settled on as far as final seating depths for the 110 Accubond . I normally start my load testing for hunting bullets at around the .025 off the lands arena but if I notice a consistent trend with you guys I might try starting there. Just trying to save some time,effort and money. Rifle is a 700 and powder is RL 22 but any combination will do for now. THANKS GANG !
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    Feb 7, 2005
    Well this is what works for my rifle.

    I found out when I got it close to 20 or so years back, it liked the 100gr BT set at 3.250" base to tip. One weekend I was playing around with some other bullets which I had been having a time getting to group and I failed to adjust the seating die, and loaded up 3 rounds. It wasn't until I loaded the next three to verify the group I ad just shot that it dawned on me hat had happened.

    Since that day I have had a dummy rounds laying inside the die box with a 100gr BT epoxied into the case so it won't move. I always also verify that reading before checking the die with it as well. Think of it as a standard of sorts.

    So nowadays it rally doesn't matter except for the 100gr Sierra Pro Hunter, what bullet I am using as long as I seat it with the die set for the epoxied dummy round.

    I shoot the 100's the 110 and the115's, all seated the same way, and it simply lays them one after another into as small a group as I can manage.

    This was a group I shot with it a couple of years back, it's only two shots but I know it's on so I don't waste barrel or rounds just to see.

    Long Range for the Grandson...

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    Nov 21, 2011
    I use a max load of 59 gn Retumbo with the 110 Accubonds set .010 off the lands. I shoot a 22" pencil barrel Savage and get 3040 FPS. Retumbo works well in a 25-06, as strange as that might sound. Guess a 25-06 is kinda like a mini super mag or something. :D It is pretty accurate too. Below is a typical 300 yard group. It can do better when I can.

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    Jul 14, 2009
    I was getting about .75" groups at 100 yards using H100 and 3.325 COAL. I'm shooting a Winchester M70 from the early 70's. I'd also try H4831.
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    Jul 8, 2010
    Just a quick word of caution. Found a load my 25-06 liked w/the accubond. Extremely accurate. 2 yrs ago shot a spike whitetail at 125 yards. Went in the ribs and out the other side. Had almost no expansion. Exit was about the same size as the entrance..... Close to 300 yards to find the deer. Without snow it would of been tough to find him. Moral of the story is to shoot for bone. Bruce