.243Win & .270Wby Barrels, Take off

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    Dec 16, 2004
    2 used barrels for sale. .243Win & .270Wby take off barrels.
    Please see pics and details below.

    Caliber .243Win, Remington SPS take off barrel, 22” long, 1/10 twist, parkerized finish, tapped for open sights.
    Approximately 50 rounds thru it.

    $50.00, Free Shipping to lower 48 only.
    Payment type – Money Order only.


    Pictured below is the .270Wby barrel.
    Caliber .270Wby, Weatherby Mark V Lasermark take off barrel, 24" long, 1/10 twist, High Gloss blued finish. Slight ding on threads shown in pic due to me not being careful. I lightly filed so it threads without interference.
    Appoximately 300 rounds thru barrel

    $65.00 Free Shipping to Lower 48 only
    Payment type - Money Order only.

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