243 vanguard

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  1. D.A.T.

    D.A.T. Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2010
    im looking at the vanguard 243,just looking for some input from folks that shoot them.im wanting it for cat dog and deer hunting.
  2. padd54

    padd54 Well-Known Member

    May 2, 2009
    I like them. I have a Vanguard (Howa) Back-country in 270win that is a great light weight shooter. I also have a Howa Varminter in 22-250 that shoots great and a Howa/Axiam in 243 that is also a shooter.
    I am really happy and think that they are a great value.

    Look at the Howa's, you could save yourself a few dollars over the Vanguard.

    Good luck,

  3. BIG MO

    BIG MO Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2009
    I have Vangard's in 300wsm, 7rmRM, and 270wsm. One of the best performance Bang for the Buck out there. For $399 or less, I feel like a thief leaving the gunshop with a 1/2-3/4 inch rifle with test target, and mine do even better with handloads. Excellent, robust, beefy, smooth action. Decent trigger, decent stock, decent recoil pad. If you want to upgrade the trigger, the timney is an easy drop in.

    I think a .243 might be the next addition to my stable.