.223WSSM Savage Barrel and accessories.

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Factory .223Rem 1-9"twist barrel rechambered to a .223WSSM, Barrel is a Small shank, Has 82 rounds fired.And is blued finish is about 80-90% 23" long.(optimum length)

    Redding S-series- Neck die, body die, seater die(no Bushing)in ok shape some marks on finger knobs from previous owner using Sinclair Redding wrench, not bad

    RCBS F-L Die Set- F-L and Seater

    150+ Primed neck turned brass

    The only thing you will need is a magnum bolt face and single shot follower to put this on a small shank savage action.
    Would be good coyote gun but not really a target barrel these are hard on throats after a while.
    170.00+shipping for whole lot will not seperate.