22 Hornet brass-dies-and bullets

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    Jan 25, 2009
    SOLD......thanks for looking.


    I would like to sell this Hornet brass and these 22 Cal. bullets and Lee dies.

    #325/ 40 grain HP
    #63/ 40 grain combined Tech. bal. silver tips--molly coated with gray plastic tip.
    #30/ 35 grain hornady V-max
    #100/ 40 grain hornady V-max
    #120/52 grain hornady A-max
    638 plus a couple extra bullets some bullets have been pulled and some are new.
    The pulled bullets were pulled with a collet puller and are in good shootable shape.

    #250 pieces hornet brass-- brass is Winchester once fired and they are primed with mostly bench rest primers. They are all clean and they may be resized if you wish. Just take the decapping pin out of your die.

    The dies are two Lee dies --one factory crimp die and one collet die 22 hornet.

    $115 plus shipping.

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