210g vld's

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    Jun 4, 2003
    210g vld\'s

    I took my MK4 scope off my rem 700 LSS 300 RUM and put it on my dads rem 700 LSS 300 RUM. I bought him the same exact gun but he does not even use it. He has less then 100 rounds through it. Broke in the barrel and worked up a 200g AB load and thats it. He says it kicks to much and he now has a 7 mag and 338 mag hes liking more. So it was just sitting in his closet. Well I'm going to put it to use and retire mine. Mine has over 1100 rounds through it and the accuracy is not so great anymore past 500 yards. I have a tv shoot at 1000 yards coming up soon so thats why I wanted to use his rifle with my scope on it. Now problem is this. I worked up a real accurate load with 210g vld's out of my 300 RUM, then took the same exact load and put them through his and they suck out of his rifle. I know I know, differnt rifle, but I thought they would do better. So now I guess I gotta load test for it. My load was 89g Retumbo, fed 215 primer, OAL is 3.8" It shot 1 inch at 300 yards out of my RUM, it shoots about 4" at 300 yards out of his 300 RUM. Velocity is right at 3000fps. Now do you think this is a low accuracy node, or a high accuracy node?? I would like to get the high accuracy node out of my dads rifle. I'm thinking 3000fps for the 210g with its long OAL should be getting around 3100-3150fps and hopefully good groups. With 200g AB's, the rifles like 95g retumbo, so I'm thinking only a 10g increse in bullet, but I dropped 6g in powder. So maybe I"m thinking I'm at the lower end. I dont know though for sure. ANyone been shooting the 210g vlds out of there RUM with retumbo?? Need to find an accurate load here real quick and get to zeroing and practicing.
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    Sep 4, 2005
    Re: 210g vld\'s

    I shoot 210vld wildcats and I shoot 91.5 retumbo pri win m oal 3.610 it would not shoot with anything much longer I went to3.710 and it didn,t group 3.610 was the best.I shoot today and at 160y i had 3/8 group to much snow to get out pass that.I get 3150 with a 30inch barrel and my brother has the same rifle and it group the same. I hope this can help you .

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    Re: 210g vld\'s

    I had my best groups at 91.5 grains as well.
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    Re: 210g vld\'s

    Remingtonman 25-06,

    I figure you're out of town, thus the reason you have not seen my question for you nor responded to it over in the General section.

    I thought by now, you would have shipped off to Army Basic Training.

    What happened? Why did you not go?

    Big Al