210g vld pics at 800 yards

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    Jun 4, 2003
    I shot my 270 winchester with 150g sbt's at 2920fps. I also shot my 300 RUM with 210g vld's at 3000fps. I shot them both at my gong and target at 800 yards this evening. My results were satisfactory. I found that both bullets had some serious expansion problems at that range. The bullets were impacting semi wet sand, so its kinda tough on teh bullets. The top row of bullets are the 150g gamekings. The 2 on the left as you can see are nice mushroomed bullets. The other 3 look like I could reload them again!! Anybody ever see that happen with a hunting bullet?? I was wondering if those were even my bullets at first. The middle row is the 210g vlds. The 2 on the left look like goodgroupers 250g scenar. No expansion at all. The other 2, expanded very nicely. The bottom row was shot into wet newspaper at 100 yards. bullet on left is 150g sbt, and the middle is the 210g, and the right bullet is 210g vld at 200 yards. The surprising thing is that both bullets penetrated the same (about 12") at 100 yards. The sierra of course was about to lose its core. The 210g vld seems to be a very explosive bullet. It expanded all the way down to the boattail, weight was 55g out of 210. The 200 yard bullet weighed only 77g and it to was pretty tore up and expanded all the way down to the boattail. I noticed that these berger VLD's did not start to leave an expansion about 3-4" into the paper, then they started to leave a good size wound channel. The 150g sbt on the other hand, had a good wound channel after about 1.5" of newspaper. I would not hesitate to use the 210g vld's on deer or maybe black bear, but on an elk, forget it. At 800 yards, I'm having mixed feelings of useing either bullet for deer.

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    Looks real familiar! My scenar did the same thing. I hope they get more consistent on wet objects or else they aren't much good.