210 and 208gr projectiles for 300 win mag

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  1. stidsteak

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Does anyone know if the .645 and .648 BCs that Sierra and Hornady advertise are accurate claims? If so is there anyone who uses them that can tell me how accurate they are and what velocity and load achieves the best accuracy for you in 300 win mag?
  2. 30-06 boy

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    Nov 17, 2005
    hello there,
    i have not tried the 210 swmk. i have tried the 200 smk and the 208 amax the 210 berger. i keep detailed notes on a spreadsheet for the handloads and grouping for all of my rifles. imr 7828 is the best "all around" powder for my rifle.(savage 110fp). shoots the 200smk and 208 amax well.i usually shoot 4 shot groups. at 625 yards 71 gr of 7828 and 208 amax touching the lands shot 4 3/4"/4 shots. smk 74 gr of 7828 was 5" for 4 shots.both loads cci br2 primers.i have found my groups are smaller using large rifle primers instead of magnums. i am working with retumbo now ,had a 3 shot group with 208 amax and 78 gr retumbo at 2 3/4" at 550 yards.very promising. will continue to "tweak" this one. my rifle does not seem to "shoot" at max powder charges/speeds (between 2800-2900fps).i usually back off 3 grains from max and start there. brass lasts longer too. 208 worked well on a 8 point buck at 560 yards last year. didnt take a step. hope this helps.jason

  3. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007
    Anyone have a sweet spot for a 300 win, H-1000 and a 210 VLD as far as velocity spread? Got them .005 in the lands of a 27" broughton 10 twist. Seeing decent accuracy and velocity with 75 and 76 grains but more spread than I like.

    Thanks! Jeff