.204/55 Ber. vs 223AI/75 A-Max

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    Jan 17, 2005
    I was thinking about getting a EABCO "accuracy barrel" in 204 for my Encore for some fun with a fast twist for the heavies in 26". I ran some numbers with the 55 Berger for .204 @ 3100, BC .381.

    But then I looked at the 223AI because I shoot alot of 223 & have the brass. I ran the numbers with a 75 A-Max
    (BC .435) @ 2950 & the drop was only 3" more at 700 yds. but the 75 A-Max drifted less. It was very close, but the A-Max had more remaining vel, weighs 20gr. more & alot more energy.

    Looks like the 223AI wins, but I need some input since I currently do not shoot a fast twist 204 or 223AI.

    Am I off on estimated muzzle velocities of these 2 which would skew the numbers?