2014 East Texas Championship

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    Jul 5, 2007
    East texas championship
    may 17, 2014
    rules and information

    match date: Saturday may 17, 2014 Huntsville, TX
    shooters meetng starts at 8:30 am
    match starts at 9:00 am

    practice day is friday may 16, 2014
    range opens at 12:00 noon for practice
    dinner will be served friday night after practice.
    Alcholic beverages will be allowed after all firearms are stored.

    Entry fee: $100.00 includes ribeye steak lunch
    entry fee for youth class (16 and under) $50.00
    entry fees will be non-refundable after may 1, 2014
    lunch for non-shooters will be $10.00

    limit of 60 shooters . Your money will be refunded in full if it is received after the 60 shooter limit is met.

    Cash pay out
    first place: Nightforce br 12x42 np2dd
    second place $400.00
    third place: $300.00
    high woman: $300.00 must be 5 entered for payout
    plaques for 1st. Thru 10th. In open class
    plaques for 1st thru 3rd in womens class
    plaques for 1st thru 3rd in youth class

    the shooting deck is covered and has 15 concrete benches. Nothing else is provided. Bring your own shooting stools.
    The shooters area is not covered so bring pop-up awnings for shade, lawn chairs, cleaning tables, water, etc.
    Lunch will be provided.

    Match rules

    there will be 4 relays and five rounds of target boards. Each shooter will come to the bench five times.
    Relay and bench number will be drawn the morning of the match.
    Shooting at clay pigeons at 400 yds.
    Targets: One 108mm clay pigeon worth 10 points
    two 90mm clay pigeon worth 20 points each
    five 60mm clay pigeons worth 30 points each
    total possible points for match is 1000
    there will be a 10 minute sighter period before your first relay. Please arrive at the range with your rifle sighted in for 400 yds or come to fridays practice day to sight in.
    You will be allowed 10 rounds of ammunition on the bench and 7 minutes to shoot them on each target board. Any additional sighters during a relay will out of your 10 rounds. Match will require a minimum of 50 rounds, we recommend you bring 100. Most points at end of match wins.
    Ties will be broken by number of small, medium, and large clays broken in that order. In the case of a tie for first thru third, a target will be posted, one shot fired and closest to center wins.

    open, womens, and youth(16 and under)
    there will be no coaching or spotting for anyone in any class. Youth shooters must have a parent or experienced shooter standing behind shooter for safety reasons and equipment problems.

    no rail guns
    no caliber over .308
    no one piece rests
    no wind flags except those provided by range
    no spotting except during sighter period
    no spotting scopes on benches
    no alcohol during shooting hours
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    Jul 5, 2007
    Have 32 of 60 slots for match filled.

  3. cockcroft

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Have 52 of the 60 slots filled now.
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    May 27, 2014

    any other info on how the match went, who won, etc?
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    Jul 5, 2007
    We wrapped up the 2014 East Texas Championship yesterday with 69 shooters in attendance out of the 81 that paid up.
    We shoot three different size clay pigeons at 400 yds. The conditions were the worst of any match we have held at Pine Valley. Overall the scores were down compared to past matches. However, there were those who knew where to hold the crosshairs in the ever changing wind and they came out on top. We enjoyed a ribeye steak lunch and had a drawing for 40+ prizes donated by many vendors.
    Friday was practice day and we served gumbo for dinner afterwards.
    First place received a Nightforce 12x42 BR scope donated by Stick at S&S Precision and Fast Back Trucking LLC.
    Match winner was Dean Thomason, Nightforce scope, plaque, top ten cap
    2nd place open- Denny Henderson $400.00, plaque, top ten cap
    3rd place open- Sam Duke $300.00, plaque, top ten cap
    4th place open- Johnathon Stigall $200.00, plaque, top ten cap
    5th place open-Rolando Aviles $100.00, plaque, top ten cap- He comes from Puerto Rico every year to shoot
    6th place open- Mike Wickizer, plaque, top ten cap
    7th place open- Darrel Martin, plaque, top ten cap
    8th place open- Debi Pohl, plaque, top ten cap
    9th place open- Tom Porter, plaque, top ten cap
    10th place open- Ed Bernebeo, plaque, top ten cap- tie breaker by most mini clays
    Womens class
    First place Debi Pohl $300.00, plaque
    Second place Tracy Holbrook $200.00, plaque
    Third place Amanda Cockcroft $100.00, plaque
    First place Will Toronjo $100.00, plaque

    Complete score sheet can be seen at Home page of Texas Benchrest
    You have to look at the tie breaker column in the far right to get order of placing when there are tied scores.
    Thank you to all those in attendance and all the donors to the match. Donor list will be posted next.
    Mike Cockcroft
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    Jul 5, 2007
    I would like to thank the following donors for their support of the 2014 East Texas Championship match.

    Fast Back Trucking LLC and S&S Precision, Stick Starks- Nightforce 12x42 BR scope to match winner.
    Custom Manufacturing Company, Travis Frazer- Target stand with three steel plates.
    K&M Precision Shooting Products- $50.00 certificate.
    Redding Reloading Equipment- Two 50% off certificates.
    L.E. Wilson Inc. - Stainless steel die set of your choice, shirts, cap.
    Shilen Rifles Inc.- 50% off barrel certificate.
    Midway USA- $25.00 gift certificate.
    David Tubb, Superior Shooting Systems, Inc.- Final Finish bore polishing system and Rem. 700 firing pin springs.
    Bryan Litz- 2 copies of his book Applied Ballistics, 1 copy of Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting, 1 DVD "Putting Rounds on Target.
    D&B Supply, Bill and Diane Shehane- 50% off rifle stock.
    Varmint Hunters Association- Write On Targets and two travel mugs.
    Sinclair International- $50.00 and $25.00 gift cards.
    Brownells- Nine $10.00 gift cards ($90.00).
    Hornady- 2 range bags, 2 soft rifle cases, 2 soft pistol cases, 2 vintage signs, 2 bino harnesses, 20 caps.
    Holland's Shooters Supply- 4 DVD's Ultimate Data Card Maker, 2 VM Ultra Muzzle Brakes, 4 bottles Witches Brew copper remover, 1 Fiery Red Lightning Strike fire starter, 2 twelve packs of 6mm cleaning brushes.
    Pacific Tool and Gauge, Dave Kiff- Certificate for free chamber reamer.
    J. Dewey- cleaning rod.
    Whidden Gunworks- FL Sizer/Micrometer Seater die set.
    Jewell Triggers, Arnold Jewell- Two certificates for $75.00 off a Jewell Trigger.
    Berger Bullets, Walt Berger- Two certificates for 300 bullets each, one certificate for a Berger Reloading Manual.
    Graf and Sons- BSA 8x32 Tactical rifle scope.
    21st. Century Shooting Inc.- Stainless Steel Priming Tool w/ shell holder, 3 Scope Levels, Thirty 10% off certificates.
    Powder Valley- Four hats and two T-shirts
    Bell and Carlson- One EZ-Roost clay target holder system and one set of Shoot'n Aces target cards.
    Steve Samuel- custom rifle cleaning cradle.
    Forster Products- 50% off certificate.
    Sierra Bullets- Two copies of Infinity software, Beyond the Basics reloading DVD.
    Krieger Barrels- $50.00 off and $25.00 off barrel certificates.