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    Jan 14, 2010
    In 2011, Tyler Sims Outfitting, LLC hosted many Long Range Hunters from across North America. With Wyoming having large open ranges it is a long range hunters dream. We have knowledgeable guides and a very high success rate on trophy quality animals due to hunting on private land.

    This year all of our rifle hunters had opportunity at a trophy of their dreams. Every rifle hunter except one took a trophy home (elk hunter). We outfit for elk, mule deer, and antelope.

    TSO's lifetime stats:
    Antelope 99.5%
    Mule Deer 100%
    Elk 95%

    Here are some pictures of happy elk & mule deer hunters from this past season.

    Elk-1.jpg Elk-2.jpg

    Muley.jpg Elk-3.jpg


    Please keep us in mind for your next Long-Range Wyoming elk or mule deer hunt!
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    Aug 14, 2010
    Those are some really nice bulls. The buck ain't bad neither!