2010 speed goat

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    Jan 6, 2011
    This long shot was nothing compared to Len B s 904 yard shot. My shot was a whopping 100 yards through the heart and went 15 yards to expire. My 50 cal knight was alot of fun shooting this year and I actually shot one of the smaller bucks I had pre scouted for 2 weeks. in the previous 2 days before the hunt I had spotted 200 plus goats and 12 huge bucks . This one would have been about the 4th best. The biggest one I went after with a decoy and a sneek on the opening morning and had the wind blow my hunt by blowing over my decoy as I was sneeking . I did have the big boy for 10 min between 175 and 250 yards . But felt they would move closer but a gust from heaven blew over the decoy causing a stampede right over a high way and into a new zone that I had no tag for. This buck was 3/8 to short to have his second circumferance measurment under the prong causeing me to loose nearly 7 inches in the circumferance. the buck scored 67 4/8 but woulda been 74 if it wasnt for 3 /8 to shot im still happy his inside spead shoulda counted being 13 1/2 inches wide on his inside spread still a saskatchewan bruiser. kellyw [​IMG][​IMG]
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    He's sure a nice wide one! Yep, it's really tricky on guessing their score before you put the tape on them and yours is a good example of just what a fraction of an inch can do to total score. Anyway, he's sure a keeper in my book with that width alone---Congratulations!!!

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    I like those wide horns. Nice job, should make a beautiful mount.