2010 Arizona Mule Deer

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    Nov 20, 2010
    Went out opening day this year to try out a new spot for muleys, I am kinda a die hard coues deer guy but wanted to try and shoot a good muley. Got to our glassing spot a little late, but were able to spot a few good bucks on the side of the ridge. they slowly made there way over the top so i made my way up to the ridge top to see if i could get a shot. Just as I hit the top of the ridge i caught movement in the bottom of a small canyon below me. I could tell i was looking at 3 bucks so i laid my backpack down and put my gun on it. I ranged the middle buck at 391, while the other bucks were bedding in the thick brush, my buck stayed up a little to long. Not to bad for a novice with mule deer. Not quite sure how to post pics but i will gladly email them to some one to post.gun)
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