2009 LR Handgun Comp, Sundance WY June 4-6

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  1. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Time will be here before you know it.
    Who is planning on coming this year?

    Rich Mertz (MOA Maximum Handguns) continues to improve this shoot and there have been some rule changes.

    I hope to see new guys and new guns this year.

    Please call Rich if you have questions.

    The Cold Turkey Shoot 2009
    Rules and Information
    June 4, 5 & 6, 2009 (HANDGUNS ONLY)

    Entry Fee: $50.00 Light or Heavy Guns
    Re-Entries: $30.00

    Entry Fee: Spouse & Children (under 15 yrs) $30.00

    Children must be 10 yrs or older to compete, also must be supervised by an adult at all times while on range.

    1/2 of the original entry fees will be paid back in prize money.

    There will also be a drawing for nice prizes to be given out.

    Three days of shooting and fun!

    Please try to have your entries mailed in by May 15, 2009.

    You will draw for your shooting times, the morning of June 4.
    You will draw 3 times, 1 for each distance you shoot.

    Morning of the 4th, at the drawing of the shooting times.
    You will register the gun you plan to shoot, on each separate distance (you must use only this gun, no switching or trading gun after you register, except in un-repairable breakdowns)
    If there is a malfunction of the firearm and it can not be repaired, you may switch guns, to complete relay.
    Due to difference in weather conditions thru the day, the top 2 shooters of each 3 target relay, will go to shoot-offs to determine the winner, at each distance.

    If shooting Light Gun & Heavy Gun you will draw a time for each pistol.
    Heavy Gun (16 lbs) 18" barrel.
    Light Gun (7½ lbs) 15" barrel.

    Final score size will be determined by the aggregate of your 3 original groups at each range.
    Only original round of this group will count for score. No re-entries will count for score.
    June 4 You will shoot three groups at each distance of 500, 750 & 1,000 yards.
    June 5 The same
    June 6 The same

    The top 2 groups from each relay will go to the Shoot-offs.

    Production Class -- Only Production guns

    Unlimited Class -- Unlimited & Production guns allowed

    You will shoot in the same order each day as which you have drawn your time.
    This is to hopefully even out the climatic conditions. We will not shoot during any rain.

    Targets will be: 18" with 3" bull at 500 yards
    24" with 3" bull at 750 yards
    48" with 6" bull at 1,000 yards

    Only shots on or cutting target paper will count for score.
    Line Rep. has complete authority!
    No guns on line until targets are set.
    You will have 5 minutes to set up, when called to line.
    Guns must remain unloaded with safety flag inserted in the chamber, until Line Rep commands the start.
    Then time will start for shooting your group.
    You will have 10 minutes to shoot your group with as many sighters as you chose, to shoot.

    Each Missed Shot adds:
    18" 500 yds
    24" 750 yds
    42" 1,000 yds

    ALL SIGHTERS will be shot on swinger targets ONLY.
    (This means a 10 minute total for group and for sighter shots)
    If more than 5 shots are on your target, your group will be the 5 largest of the group, unless, crossover fire has been confirmed by scoring officials.
    If you think you have cross shot onto another target, we will stop shooting and check targets.
    Each target will be numbered, corresponding to the Shooter's Bench Number.
    The Shooter and his Spotter only will be allowed on the line, to set-up the shooters bench & color.
    This year there will be a line marked, so it will be clear where the shooting line is.
    Once the command is given to shoot for score, only the shooter will be allowed to handle and adjust the firearm and equipment.
    Spotters can only spot for and advise the shooter. No coaching from behind the line permitted.

    When the command to ground and unload all firearms is given (for whatever reason) by the line commander, the shooter must unload his gun, insert safety flag, and back away at least 2 steps away from his table. Guns will remain on tables.
    When finished shooting, shooters will remain at their tables, until all shooters have completed shooting, and the Line Rep has called cease fire.

    - Line Rep has complete authority.
    - No loaded guns on grounds, except on shooting benches on the firing line.
    - No guns on line until targets are set.
    - Safety flags will be in guns at all times.
    - Safety flags not to be pulled until targets are set.
    - Safety flags are only to be pulled out on the shooting tables on firing line, when it is your turn to shoot.
    - Safety flags will be issued at the drawing, only the flags issued will be acceptable for use at the shoot.
    - This rule will be enforced for the safety of everyone!

    On June 4, there will be a free Bar-B-Q
    * If you are bringing non-shooting family members, please let us know, when you send in your entries to ensure plenty of food for the Bar-B-Q. Please feel free to bring your family.
    All children must be supervised by an adult at all times, while on the shooting grounds.
    There will be guest speakers on Thursday and Friday evenings after competing, covering long range shooting and varminting.

    There are plenty of things to do and see within reasonable driving distance:
    Devils Tower -- Mt Rushmore -- Crazy Horse -- Caves -- Deadwood -- Custer State Park -- Bear Country -- Dinosaur Museum -- plus other museums -- horseback riding, and of course, shopping.
    There is a campground east of town. It has showers & pool. Mountain Veiw Campground (307) 283-2270.
    Another campground east of town is at the trail head. This is primitive with only restrooms.
    West of town are more campgrounds in the forest, also primitive.

    Best Western (307) 283-2800
    Bear Lodge (307) 283-1611
    Sundance Roadway Mountain Inn (307) 283-3737
    Arrowhead (307) 283-3307
    Deane's (307) 283-2262

    2009 Cold Turkey Shoot Entry Form

    Name ________________________________________________________________________________

    Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


    Telephone: _______________________________ Cell Phone (optional): _________________________

    Handgun: ________________________________ Production: ___________ Unlimited: ____________

    Chambering: ________________________ Barrel Length: _________ Total Gun Weight: __________

    Entry Fee: $50.00 - Light Gun $50.00 Heavy Gun Re-entries $30.00 each ________
    Entry Fee: Spouse & Children (must be 10 yrs or older to compete) $30.00 Re-entries $25.00 each ________

    Make Check to: M.O.A. Corp (1,000 yd Handgun Club)
    Mail to: M.O.A. Corp (1,000 yd Handgun Club)
    285 Government Valley Rd
    Sundance, WY 82729
    Telephone # (307) 283-3030

    M.O.A. Corporation
    285 Government Valley Rd
    Sundance,WY 82729
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    Aug 28, 2002
    Ernie, My wife and I are looking forward to this event. As soon as we get out of school, we're headed your way.

  3. rtv900

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    Dec 16, 2007
    Is it being held in Sundance WY?
  4. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Yes! Just south of Sundance about 13 miles
  5. zuba

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    Jan 21, 2007
    I wish I had enough vacation to make it out there, I'm saving mine for October!