2008 CO 1st Rifle Bull hunt for two, time is running out!

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    May 27, 2004
    I'm sad to say I had to back out of my 2008 1st rifle elk hunt in Colorado due to financial reasons. I let the outfitter know plenty in advance and I had someone else lined up for my spot, but he too had to back out rescently for the same reasons. I spoke with the outfitter this evening and he has two openings as some others had to back out due to a terrible business year. Its been a tough year for everyone I know in the construction business. I told the outfitter I would try and help him book two hunters all that I could. He's had to turn down several people this year because he was booked and here it is the last minute and several hunters have backed out. He will not be in any bind if noone books, but it would be nice to help the guy out. He's a first class guy and I've hunted with him for the past two seasons with 100% success on some dandy Mulies and a nice 6x6 bull.

    His 1st rifle bull hunts have been 100% opps for the past several years and the bulls usually consist of several 6x6s and a few 5x5s.

    It's fully guided 1x1. Lodging is nice wall tents with a porta john and portable shower. He has cots with air mats and wood burning as well as gas heaters.

    No food included because town is only 3 miles from camp and good food is cheap.

    It is spot and stalk on over 20,000 acres private land at around 10,000 feet in Victor, CO 1 hour west of CO Springs. You can see Pikes Peak from the hunting area.

    5 day Hunt cost is 3800

    The deadline for apps is April 1st. The tag is easy to draw without PPs for first rifle in that area.

    There is a nice hotel in town for 45 a night which is where we usually stay. They have skinning rack if you like to process your own. The guides will bring out your game.

    This guy stays booked years in advance and never has to advertise as word of mouth and repeats are his main sources.

    If you are looking for a great opportunity for a Bull this fall, you should give this a look.

    Serious inquiries please pm me for contact info. I'll be out for business travel tomm and thurs. I'll be out hunting fri-sunday, but will try and check my PMs Sunday evening.

    These guys work hard and are a honest bunch of friendly folks. Best outfit I've ever hunted with. I'm not going to tell you you are going to definitely without a doubt going to shoot a 300 class bull 100 yards from the truck, but it is a good hunt and the price is very fair IMO. It is hunting and weather etc play a big role.